Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2014 Improved Sobolev embedding theorems for vector-valued functions 2014
2011 Eigenfunctions at the threshold energies of magnetic dirac operators 2011
2010 Dirac-Sobolev spaces and Sobolev spaces 2010
2008 Dirac-Sobolev inequalities and estimates for the zero modes of massless Dirac operatorsJournal of Mathematical Physics.  49. 2008
2008 The asymptotic limits of zero modes of massless dirac operatorsLetters in Mathematical Physics.  83:97-106. 2008
2008 The zero modes and zero resonances of massless Dirac operatorsHokkaido Mathematical Journal.  37:363-388. 2008
2004 On the approximation numbers of Sobolev embeddings on singular domains and treesQuarterly Journal of Mathematics.  55:267-302. 2004
2004 Approximation numbers of Sobolev embedding operators on an interval 2004
2002 An embedding norm and the lindqvist trigonometric functionsElectronic Journal of Differential Equations.  2002. 2002
2001 Convergence of the neumann laplacian on shrinking domainsAnalysis.  21:171-204. 2001
2000 The limiting equation for Neumann Laplacians on shrinking domainsElectronic Journal of Differential Equations.  2000. 2000
2000 Neumann Laplacians on domains and operators on associated treesQuarterly Journal of Mathematics.  51:313-342. 2000
1998 The uniqueness of the solution of the Schrödinger equation with discontinuous coefficients 1998
1997 The reduced wave equation in layered materialsOsaka Journal of Mathematics.  34:267-301. 1997
1997 On the Spectrum of the Reduced Wave Operator with Cylindrical DiscontinuityForum Mathematicum.  9:29-60. 1997
1997 Radiation condition for Dirac operatorsJournal of Mathematics- Kyoto University.  37:567-584. 1997
1992 Zhislin's theorem revisited 1992
1991 Some geometric spectral properties of N-body Schrödinger operatorsArchive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis.  113:377-400. 1991
1989 A remark on the limiting absorption principle for the reduced wave equation with two unbounded mediaPacific Journal of Mathematics.  136:183-208. 1989
1987 Schrödinger operators with a nonspherical radiation conditionPacific Journal of Mathematics.  126:331-359. 1987
1986 An approximation formula in the inverse scattering problemJournal of Mathematical Physics.  27:1145-1153. 1986
1984 An asymptotic behavior of the S-matrix and the inverse scattering problemJournal of Mathematical Physics.  25:3105-3111. 1984
1983 Extended limiting absorption method and analyticity of the S-matrix 1983
1982 Some properties of the scattering amplitude and the inverse scattering problemOsaka Journal of Mathematics.  19:527-547. 1982
1980 On the S-matrix for Schrödinger operators with long-range potentials 1980
1977 Eigenfunction expansions for the Schrödinger operators with long-range potentials (Formula present)Osaka Journal of Mathematics.  14:37-53. 1977
1977 On the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of the Schrödincer equation (-Δ+Q(y)-k2)V = FOsaka Journal of Mathematics.  14:11-35. 1977
1975 Spectral theory for second-order differential operators with long-range operator-valued coefficients I: Limiting absorption principleJapanese Journal of Mathematics.  1:311-349. 1975
1975 Spectral theory for second-order differential operators with long-range operator-valued coefficients II: Eigenfunction expansions and the sehrödinger operators with long-range potentialsJapanese Journal of Mathematics.  1:351-382. 1975
1974 The principle of limiting absorption for the non-selfadjoint schrÖdinger operator in r2Osaka Journal of Mathematics.  11:295-306. 1974
1972 Spectral and scattering theory for secondorder differential operators with operator-valued coefficientsOsaka Journal of Mathematics.  9:463-498. 1972
1971 Eigenfunction Expansions Associated with Second-order Differential Equations for Hilbert Space-valued FunctionsPublications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences.  7:1-55. 1971
1971 The Principle of Limiting Absorption for Second-order Differential Equations with Operator-valued CoefficientsPublications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences.  7:581-619. 1971


Year Title Altmetric
2012 A sequence of zero modes of Weyl-Dirac operators and an associated sequence of solvable polynomials.  197-209. 2012

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  • Master of Arts in Mathematics, 2000
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, 1971
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  • Yoshimi Saito