• Dr. Xiaoni Zhang received her PhD in Business Computer Information Systems from University of North Texas in 2001. She worked 20+years at Northern Kentucky University. In Fall 2022, she joined UAB as a Professor of MISQ. Her recent research are in healthcare outcome evaluation, healthcare analytics, student retention, mobile app for addiction recovery, and clinical decision support systems. In the past two years, she's worked on the 1115 Substance Use Disorder Demonstration Evaluation.

    Her publications appear in International Journal of Medical Informatics, Communications of the ACM, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, European Journal of Information Systems, Information & Management, International Conference on Information Systems, and other journals. In 2016 Taylor & Francis Group awarded Dr. Xiaoni Zhang a certificate of recognition for excellence in generating top citations during 2015 for the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.
  • Research Overview

  • Health outcome research
    Health analytics
    Substance use disorder
    Clinical decision support systems for diabetes
    Technology adoption in healthcare
    COPD patient's discharge readiness
    Medicaid expenditure on substance use disorder
    Mobile apps for substance use disorder
    Privacy and security
  • Teaching Overview

  • Her teaching specialties are research methods in healthcare, health informatics, systems/web development, data warehouse, database, data mining, text mining, and data analytics. She has taught courses ranging from first-year students to sophomore, junior, senior, graduate and doctoral levels across colleges and disciplines. The technical skills she taught include programming languages (Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET), Oracle SQL, MySQL, Pentaho, and data analytical applications (Power BI, Knime, Tableau, MicroStrategy, IBM Watson, SPSS, R, Python, SAS Data Miner and Text Miner) and enterprise resource planning system (SAP Data Warehouse).
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and Information Sciences, University of North Texas 2001
  • Full Name

  • Xiaoni Zhang