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2012 Recent advances in MRI technology: Implications for image quality and patient safety 2012
2008 The physics components of the ACR MRI Accreditation Program are overly tedious and beyond what is needed to ensure good patient careMedical Physics.  35:3419-3421. 2008
2007 Medical physicists should seek employment elsewhere when resources are insufficient for quality patient care.Medical Physics.  34:4073-4075. 2007
2007 Medical physicists should seek employment elsewhere when resources are insufficient for quality patient careMedical Physics.  34:4073-4075. 2007
2004 Can in vivo assessment of tissue hemodynamics with dynamic contrast-enhanced CT be used in the diagnosis of tumors and monitoring of cancer therapy outcomes?Radiology.  232:631-632. 2004
2002 A model for tracking concentration of chemical compounds within a tank of an automatic film processorMedical Physics.  29:90-99. 2002
2002 High frequency x-ray generator basicsMedical Physics.  29:132-144. 2002
1999 Characterization of the reciprocity law failure in three mammography screen-film systemsMedical Physics.  26:682-688. 1999
1998 The American Association of Physicists in Medicine - A perspective on the new millenniumRadiology.  209:600-603. 1998
1997 Computed model of gadolinium enhanced MRI of breast diseaseEuropean Journal of Radiology.  24:109-119. 1997
1997 Parametrization of mammography normalized average glandular dose tablesMedical Physics.  24:547-554. 1997
1996 On the stationary states in gradient echo imagingJournal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  6:384-398. 1996
1994 Magnetic resonance contrast agents. Physical basis of relaxationNeuroimaging Clinics of North America.  4:27-42. 1994
1993 Analysis of variance for 'component stripping' decomposition of multiexponential curvesComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  39:243-257. 1993
1993 Laboratory information system for nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry in biomedical materials (NMR LIS). I. Data acquisition and experiment controlComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  39:225-232. 1993
1993 Laboratory information system for nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry in biomedical materials (NMR LIS). II. Data analysisComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  39:233-241. 1993
1992 A comparison of total body water measurements using whole-body magnetic resonance imaging versus tritium dilution in primatesJournal of Surgical Research.  52:378-381. 1992
1992 Acceptance Testing of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems: Report of Aapm Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Task Group No. 6A)Medical Physics.  19:217-229. 1992
1992 Broad Line Quantitative Chemical Shift SpectroscopyMedical Physics.  19:61-69. 1992
1991 Evaluation of a new magnetic resonance imaging method for quantitating adipose tissue areasInternational Journal of Obesity.  15:589-599. 1991
1991 A Zeeman level crossing study of the symmetry of the potential hindering the torsional oscillator CH3Chemical Physics.  152:337-341. 1991
1991 A complete solution to the model describing Carr‐Purcell and Carr‐Purcell‐Meiboom‐Gill experiments in a two‐site exchange systemMagnetic Resonance in Medicine.  21:2-9. 1991
1991 Magnetic resonance imaging--does it contribute to the diagnosis of defects and diseases of the cardiovascular system? 1991
1991 NMR spin-lattice relaxation in tissues with high concentration of paramagnetic contrast media: Evaluation of water exchange rates in intact rat muscleMedical Physics.  18:243-250. 1991
1991 Principles of magnetic resonance imaging: applications in cardiovascular system. 1991
1990 Adipose tissue determinations in cadavers - A comparison between cross-sectional planimetry and computed tomographyInternational Journal of Obesity.  14:893-902. 1990
1990 Computer-assisted assessment of the kinetic function of disk-type artificial heart valvesInvestigative Radiology.  25:24-30. 1990
1990 Pseudolayering of Gd-DTPA in the urinary bladderRadiology.  174:379-381. 1990
1990 Rotating-frame NMR relaxation in the dipolar spin glass Rb1-x(NH4)xH2AsO4Journal of Magnetic Resonance (1969).  88:501-510. 1990
1988 A new method of computing spin lattice relaxation maps in magnetic resonance imaging using fast scanning protocolsMedical Physics.  15:551-561. 1988
1987 NMR spectroscopy of heterogeneous solid‐liquid mixtures. Spin grouping and exchange analysis of proton spin relaxation in a tissueMagnetic Resonance in Medicine.  4:537-554. 1987
1987 Stretched-exponential nuclear magnetization recovery in the proton pseudo-spin-glass Rb1-x(NH4)xH2AsO4Physical Review B (Condensed Matter).  35:7299-7302. 1987
1986 Enhancement of nuclear Zeeman-rotational tunneling polarization transfer by paramagnetic impuritiesSolid State Communications.  57:933-935. 1986
1986 Modeling of proton spin relaxation in muscle tissue using nuclear magnetic resonance spin grouping and exchange analysisBiophysical Journal.  50:181-191. 1986
1985 Tunneling Spectroscopy by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Analysis of Rotational Tunneling in Solid Pentamethylbenzene 1985
1985 N.m.r. line shape-relaxation correlation analysis of bitumen and oil sands 1985
1985 Rotational tunneling linewidth studies by NMR polarization transfer experiment: Estimates of the interaction among tunneling CH3 groups in Ge(CH3)4Journal of Chemical Physics.  82:4886-4892. 1985
1984 Triangular pyramidal magnetic field gradient coils for NMR diffusion measurementsJournal of Magnetic Resonance (1969).  60:83-90. 1984
1983 Deuteron NMR lineshape computations for tunnelling ND4+ ions. II. Exact treatment of quadrupolar interactions 1983
1982 A new type of magnetic field gradient coil for NMR measurementsJournal of Magnetic Resonance (1969).  46:1-8. 1982
1978 Deuteron NMR lineshape computations for tunnelling ND4+ ions. I. First-order quadrupolar interactions 1978

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  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Jagiellonian University/Cracow 1978
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  • Wlad Sobol