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Year Title Altmetric
2012 Recent advances in MRI technology: Implications for image quality and patient safetySaudi Journal of Ophthalmology.  26:393-399. 2012
2008 The physics components of the ACR MRI Accreditation Program are overly tedious and beyond what is needed to ensure good patient careMedical Physics.  35:3419-3421. 2008
2007 Medical physicists should seek employment elsewhere when resources are insufficient for quality patient care.Medical Physics.  34:4073-4075. 2007
2007 Medical physicists should seek employment elsewhere when resources are insufficient for quality patient careMedical Physics.  34:4073-4075. 2007
2004 Can in vivo assessment of tissue hemodynamics with dynamic contrast-enhanced CT be used in the diagnosis of tumors and monitoring of cancer therapy outcomes?Radiology.  232:631-632. 2004
2002 A model for tracking concentration of chemical compounds within a tank of an automatic film processorMedical Physics.  29:90-99. 2002
2002 High frequency x-ray generator basicsMedical Physics.  29:132-144. 2002
1999 Characterization of the reciprocity law failure in three mammography screen-film systemsMedical Physics.  26:682-688. 1999
1998 The American Association of Physicists in Medicine - A perspective on the new millenniumRadiology.  209:600-603. 1998
1997 Computed model of gadolinium enhanced MRI of breast diseaseEuropean Journal of Radiology.  24:109-119. 1997
1997 Parametrization of mammography normalized average glandular dose tablesMedical Physics.  24:547-554. 1997
1996 On the stationary states in gradient echo imagingJournal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  6:384-398. 1996
1994 Magnetic resonance contrast agents. Physical basis of relaxationNeuroimaging Clinics of North America.  4:27-42. 1994
1993 Analysis of variance for 'component stripping' decomposition of multiexponential curvesComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  39:243-257. 1993
1993 Laboratory information system for nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry in biomedical materials (NMR LIS). I. Data acquisition and experiment controlComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  39:225-232. 1993
1993 Laboratory information system for nuclear magnetic resonance relaxometry in biomedical materials (NMR LIS). II. Data analysisComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.  39:233-241. 1993
1992 A comparison of total body water measurements using whole-body magnetic resonance imaging versus tritium dilution in primatesJournal of Surgical Research.  52:378-381. 1992
1992 Acceptance Testing of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems: Report of Aapm Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Task Group No. 6A)Medical Physics.  19:217-229. 1992
1992 Broad Line Quantitative Chemical Shift SpectroscopyMedical Physics.  19:61-69. 1992
1991 Evaluation of a new magnetic resonance imaging method for quantitating adipose tissue areasInternational Journal of Obesity.  15:589-599. 1991
1991 A Zeeman level crossing study of the symmetry of the potential hindering the torsional oscillator CH3Chemical Physics.  152:337-341. 1991
1991 A complete solution to the model describing Carr‐Purcell and Carr‐Purcell‐Meiboom‐Gill experiments in a two‐site exchange systemMagnetic Resonance in Medicine.  21:2-9. 1991
1991 Magnetic resonance imaging--does it contribute to the diagnosis of defects and diseases of the cardiovascular system? 1991
1991 NMR spin-lattice relaxation in tissues with high concentration of paramagnetic contrast media: Evaluation of water exchange rates in intact rat muscleMedical Physics.  18:243-250. 1991
1991 Principles of magnetic resonance imaging: applications in cardiovascular system. 1991
1990 Adipose tissue determinations in cadavers - A comparison between cross-sectional planimetry and computed tomographyInternational Journal of Obesity.  14:893-902. 1990
1990 Computer-assisted assessment of the kinetic function of disk-type artificial heart valvesInvestigative Radiology.  25:24-30. 1990
1990 Pseudolayering of Gd-DTPA in the urinary bladderRadiology.  174:379-381. 1990
1990 Rotating-frame NMR relaxation in the dipolar spin glass Rb1-x(NH4)xH2AsO4Journal of Magnetic Resonance (1969).  88:501-510. 1990
1988 A new method of computing spin lattice relaxation maps in magnetic resonance imaging using fast scanning protocolsMedical Physics.  15:551-561. 1988
1987 NMR spectroscopy of heterogeneous solid‐liquid mixtures. Spin grouping and exchange analysis of proton spin relaxation in a tissueMagnetic Resonance in Medicine.  4:537-554. 1987
1987 Stretched-exponential nuclear magnetization recovery in the proton pseudo-spin-glass Rb1-x(NH4)xH2AsO4Physical Review B.  35:7299-7302. 1987
1986 Enhancement of nuclear Zeeman-rotational tunneling polarization transfer by paramagnetic impuritiesSolid State Communications.  57:933-935. 1986
1986 Modeling of proton spin relaxation in muscle tissue using nuclear magnetic resonance spin grouping and exchange analysisBiophysical Journal.  50:181-191. 1986
1985 Tunneling Spectroscopy by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Analysis of Rotational Tunneling in Solid PentamethylbenzeneZeitschrift fur Naturforschung A.  40:1075-1084. 1985
1985 N.m.r. line shape-relaxation correlation analysis of bitumen and oil sands 1985
1985 Rotational tunneling linewidth studies by NMR polarization transfer experiment: Estimates of the interaction among tunneling CH3 groups in Ge(CH3)4Journal of Chemical Physics.  82:4886-4892. 1985
1984 Triangular pyramidal magnetic field gradient coils for NMR diffusion measurementsJournal of Magnetic Resonance (1969).  60:83-90. 1984
1983 Deuteron NMR lineshape computations for tunnelling ND4+ ions. II. Exact treatment of quadrupolar interactionsJournal of Physics: Condensed Matter.  16:2351-2362. 1983
1982 A new type of magnetic field gradient coil for NMR measurementsJournal of Magnetic Resonance (1969).  46:1-8. 1982
1978 Deuteron NMR lineshape computations for tunnelling ND4+ ions. I. First-order quadrupolar interactionsJournal of Physics: Condensed Matter.  11:4187-4200. 1978

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  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology, Jagiellonian University/Cracow 1978
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  • Wlad Sobol