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2022 Joint specificity of stretch shortening cycle potentiation at propulsion onset during jump test performance.The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness2022
2022 Effects of sensory manipulations on locomotor adaptation to split-belt treadmill walking in healthy younger and older adults 2022
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2022 Effects of Advanced Age and Parkinson’s Disease on Joint-Level Kinetic Adaptations to Faster Walking Speeds 2022
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Research Overview

  • Globally, there is growing popularity and increased use of non-pharmacological approaches for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain. Maximizing clinical efficacy of spinal manual therapy interventions will require a greater understanding of their underlying neurophysiological mechanisms. The primary focus of the MSMT lab is directed towards determining the peripheral and central mechanisms of spinal manual therapy (i.e. spinal manipulation/spinal mobilization) for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and/or related disability. We use a variety of animal models, custom-made spinal manual therapy devices, behavioral and electrophysiological methods in our laboratory to investigate translationally relevant research questions with the ultimate goal of improving clinical care.
  • Full Name

  • William Reed