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2002 Synthesis and molecular structure studies of [Me2AlN(i-Pr)CH2PH]2 and the related orthometalated dimers [RAlN(i-Pr)-μ-(CH2C6H4)]2, where R = Me, n-Pr, n-Bu, i-BuOrganometallics.  21:5987-5990. 2002
2002 A comparison of the NMR, mass spectral, and molecular structure data for [R2A1N(CH2PH)2]2, where R = Me, Et, Prn, Bun, and BuiPolyhedron.  21:1747-1753. 2002
2002 Reactivity of Me3M (M = A1, Ga, In) with benzylamine to form the dimers, [Me2MN(H)CH2Ph]2, and the hexamers, [MeA1NCH2Ph]6 and [MeGaNCH2Ph]6: Molecular structures of trans-[Me2MN(H)CH2Ph]2 and [MeA1NCH2Ph]6Journal of Organometallic Chemistry.  649:78-85. 2002
2001 Synthesis and molecular structural studies of a series of orthometalated dimers [RAIN(t-Bu)-μ-(CH2C6H4)]2, where R = Me, Et, n-Pr, n-Bu, i-BuOrganometallics.  20:582-585. 2001
2000 Synthesis, NMR characterization, and molecular structural studies of a series of ortho-metalated aluminum-nitrogen dimersOrganometallics.  19:3253-3256. 2000
2000 Solution Conformational Features of the Unsymmetrical Metalla Crown Ether cis-Mo(CO)4{2-(2,2′-O2C12H 8)PO(CH2CH2O)2-2-C 20H12-2′-OP(2,2′-O2C 12H8)} from 2D NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular ModelingOrganometallics.  19:1232-1238. 2000
1999 Reactivity studies of trimethylaluminum, trimethylgallium, and trimethylindium with a series of five silylamines: Molecular structure of trans-[Me2InN(Me)SiMe3]2Journal of Organometallic Chemistry.  585:266-274. 1999
1999 31P NMR and X-ray crystallographic study of atropisomerism in cis-tetracarbonylmolybdenum(0) and cis-dichloroplatinum(II) complexes of (±)-6,6′-[[1,1′-Biphenyl]-2,2′-diylbis(oxy)] bis(dibenzo[d,f]-[1,3,2]dioxaphosphepin) and (±)-6,6′-[[1,1′-Binaphthyl]-2,2′-diylbis(oxy)] bis(dibenzo[d,f][1,3,2]dioxaphosphepin) ligandsOrganometallics.  18:2593-2600. 1999
1999 Synthesis, reactions and X-ray crystal structures of metallacrown ethers with unsymmetrical bis(phosphinite) and bis(phosphite) ligands derived from 2-hydroxy-2′-(1,4-bisoxo-6-hexanol)-1,1′-biphenylJournal of Organometallic Chemistry.  580:328-338. 1999
1999 Reactivity of triethylaluminum with a series of secondary amines.: Adduct and aminoalane dimer synthesis and characterization; The crystal structures of [Et2AlN(c-C6H11)2]2 and [Et2AlNC4H8NCH3]2Polyhedron.  18:1595-1602. 1999
1999 Addition of a phenyl phosphinidene complex to conjugated diynesOrganometallics.  18:796-799. 1999
1999 X-ray structural analysis of Me3M·HN(CH2Ph)2 (M=Ga, In) adductsPolyhedron.  18:879-883. 1999
1998 Synthesis and characterization of an orthometalated aminoalane, [MeAlN(CH2Ph)-μ-(CH2C6H4)] 2: Molecular structures of [MeAlN(CH2Ph)-μ-(CH2C6H4)] 2 and [Me2AlN(CH2Ph)2]2Organometallics.  17:4319-4321. 1998
1997 Synthesis and characterization of a series of aminogallanes, [Me2GaR]2 the crystal structures of [Me2GaN(CH2Ph)2]2 and [Me2GaN(CH2CH2)2NMe]2Journal of Organometallic Chemistry.  549:31-37. 1997
1996 Synthesis and molecular structure of an orthometalated aminogallane, [MeGaN(CH2C6H4)(CH2Ph)]2Organometallics.  15:5641-5644. 1996
1996 Reactivity of R2AlH (R = Me, Bui) and Me3M (M = Al, Ga, In) toward the silylphosphines P(SiMe3)3 and HP(SiMe3)2Organometallics.  15:3980-3984. 1996
1996 Reactivity of R2AlH (R = Me, Bui) with selected aminoarsines and secondary aminesOrganometallics.  15:2458-2464. 1996
1995 27Al and 13C NMR Relaxation Studies of Aminoalanes 1995
1995 H2- versus HSiMe3-Elimination in the Reactivity of HP(SiMe3)2 with Me2AlH To Yield a Mixed Organoaluminum Phosphide TrimerOrganometallics.  14:3094-3097. 1995
1995 Synthesis and characterization of Me3Ga and Me3In: Adducts of secondary aminesPolyhedron.  14:3505-3514. 1995
1994 The reactivity of dimethylaluminum hydride with the aminoarsines Me2AsNMe2, MeAs(NMe2)2, and As(NMe2)3Polyhedron.  13:3299-3307. 1994
1993 Reactions of As(NMe2)3 and Sb(NMe2)3 with aluminum and magnesium alkylating agentsPolyhedron.  12:89-94. 1993
1993 Reactivity of (Me3Al)2 with selected aminoarsines and secondary aminesPolyhedron.  12:389-399. 1993
1992 Heteroleptic tertiary arsines, me2sr: Synthesis and an nmr study 1992
1992 Borane coordination selectivity towards aminoarsinesCoordination Chemistry Reviews.  112:117-129. 1992
1991 The effect of plasma solutes on total-body-water measurements via NMR.Nutrition.  7:344-346. 1991
1991 Reactivity of μ-Me2NB2H5 toward the As-N Bond 1991
1991 Synthesis and nmr (1h and 13c) study of (monoamino) dimethylarsines 1991
1991 Stereoselective formation of bis(α-aminoacyl) esters of 5′-AMP suggests a primitive peptide synthesizing system with a preference for l-amino acids 1991
1990 Chemical esterification of 5′-AMP occurs predominantly at the 2′ positionJournal of Molecular Evolution.  31:251-256. 1990
1990 Tertiary Arsines: A New Synthesis Route and an NMR Study 1990
1990 Multinuclear NMR studies of the reactions of (Me3Al)2 with Me2AsNMe2, MeAs(NMe2)2 and As(NMe2)3Polyhedron.  9:289-300. 1990
1989 Evidence for the Donor Capacity of Nitrogen in Acyclic Aminophosphines: A Multinuclear NMR Study 1989
1989 13C and 1H NMR studies of some aminoarsonium chloridesMagnetic Resonance in Chemistry.  27:616-623. 1989
1989 Purine monoribonucleotides may preferentially catalyze the synthesis of L-amino acid peptides 1989
1988 The formation of unsymmetric diarsines from the reaction of aminoarsines and secondary organoarsinesInorganica Chimica Acta.  150:51-55. 1988
1988 A new synthetic route to aminophosphinesPolyhedron.  7:2553-2559. 1988
1988 Differential distribution of D and L amino acids between the 2' and 3' positions of the AMP residue at the 3' terminus of transfer ribonucleic acid. 1988
1987 An NMR investigation of the reactions of secondary organoarsines with symmetric diarsines and diphosphinesInorganica Chimica Acta.  134:197-199. 1987
1987 NMR studies of the reaction of MeAsH2 with Me2AsAsMe2Inorganica Chimica Acta.  132:163-164. 1987
1987 A New Synthetic Route to Cyclic Polyarsines 1987
1987 Synthesis of cyclic polyarsines 1987
1987 Multinuclear NMR studies of the reactions of MeAsH2 with Me2AsNMe2 and Me2AsNMe2·BH3Inorganica Chimica Acta.  126:173-177. 1987
1987 13C and 31P NMR studies of some aminophosphonium chloridesMagnetic Resonance in Chemistry.  25:320-324. 1987
1987 Determination of total body water by deuterium NMRAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  45:1-6. 1987
1987 Effect of intramolecular and intermolecular exchange processes on the 1H NMR spectra of 2‐chloro‐1,3,2‐dioxarsolanesMagnetic Resonance in Chemistry.  25:484-488. 1987
1987 Formation of N-B- and P-B-Bonded BH3 Adducts of Me2PNMe2 1987
1987 The reactivities of aminoarsines toward diarsinesPolyhedron.  6:1229-1233. 1987
1986 An Investigation of the Stereochemistry of some Nickel(II) Tetraamines in Acetonitrile SolutionInorganica Chimica Acta.  114:185-190. 1986
1986 Synthesis and characterization of some aminoarsonium chloridesInorganica Chimica Acta.  114:159-163. 1986
1986 Inactivation of B12 and folate coenzymes by butyl nitrite as observed by NMR: Implications on one-carbon transfer mechanismBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  135:201-207. 1986
1986 Aliphatic amino acid side chains associatewith the “face” of the adenine ringJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.  3:783-794. 1986
1986 Determination of the bonding preference of borane (BH3) toward aminoarsines by multinuclear nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy 1986
1986 NMR Studies of the Reactions of Me2AsH with Me2AsNMe2 and Me2AsNMe2•BH3: Synthetic Routes to Me2AsAsMe2 1986
1985 Synthesis and characterization of some aminophosphonium chloridesInorganica Chimica Acta.  103:1-8. 1985
1985 Chirally selective, intramolecular interaction observed in an aminoacyl adenylate anhydride 1985
1985 Aminoarsolanes-II. Conformational studiesPolyhedron.  4:1023-1029. 1985
1985 Formation of a New 1:1 Addition Compound of Borane with Aminoarsine 1985
1984 Identification of an Acridine Photoaffinity Probe for Trypanocidal ActionJournal of Medicinal Chemistry.  27:865-870. 1984
1983 Detection of Hydrogen Bonding in Peptides by the 13C{1H} Nuclear Overhauser EffectJournal of the American Chemical Society.  105:3363-3365. 1983
1983 Synthesis and characterization of ethidium analogs: Emphasis on amino and azido substituents 1983
1982 2H NMR demonstration of amino acid-nucleotide interactionsBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  106:1426-1434. 1982
1981 Ethidium Bromide and Its Photoreactive Analogues: Spectroscopic Analysis of Deoxyribonucleic Acid Binding PropertiesBiochemistry.  20:1887-1892. 1981
1980 NMR linebroadening studies of transition metal complexes in acetonitrile solutionPolyhedron.  42:1441-1445. 1980
1979 Characterization of the mutagenic ethidium azide interactions with deoxyribonucleic acids 1979
1979 The chemical dynamics of 1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclotetradecane nickel(II) perchlorate with several solvents. I. Thermodynamics of base adduct formationInorganica Chimica Acta.  35:255-259. 1979
1978 The effect of fluorinated substituents on some solution properties of metal acetylacetonatesPolyhedron.  40:1769-1775. 1978
1977 Synthesis, separation and characterization of the mono- and diazide analogs of ethidium bromide 1977
1977 Solution Dynamics of Tris(acetylacetonato)chromium(III) 1977
1976 An investigation of ethylenediamine complexes of copper(II) and nickel (II) in solutions of dimethyl sulfoxideThe Journal of physical chemistry.  80:83-88. 1976
1975 The chemical dynamics of base adducts with bis(N,N-dithiocarbamate)nickel(II)Polyhedron.  37:1739-1746. 1975
1973 A nuclear magnetic resonance line broadening study of dimethyl sulfoxide in tris(ethylenediamine)chromium(III)-dimethyl sulfoxide solutionThe Journal of physical chemistry.  77:855-858. 1973
1972 Pyridine adduct complexes of bis(N,N-dithiocarbamate)nickel(II)Polyhedron.  34:3936-3939. 1972
1971 Nuclear spin relaxation in nematic liquid crystalsThe Journal of physical chemistry.  75:2452-2458. 1971
1970 Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation and chemical shift studies of fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon mixturesThe Journal of physical chemistry.  74:235-240. 1970
1969 The temperature dependence of the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of cyclopentamethylpentaarsine in various solvents 1969

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