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2022 A Case Series of Children with Acute Hepatitis and Human Adenovirus InfectionNew England Journal of Medicine.  387:620-630. 2022
2022 Acute hepatitis and adenovirus infection among children—Alabama, October 2021–February 2022American Journal of Transplantation.  22:1919-1921. 2022
2022 Acute Hepatitis and Adenovirus Infection Among Children — Alabama, October 2021–February 2022 2022
2022 Human cytomegalovirus egress: Overcoming barriers and co-opting cellular functionsViruses.  14. 2022
2016 Phosphorylation of Golgi peripheral membrane protein Grasp65 is an integral step in the formation of the human cytomegalovirus cytoplasmic assembly compartmentmBio.  7. 2016
2012 Human cytomegalovirus infection of THP-1 derived macrophages reveals strain-specific regulation of actin dynamicsVirology.  433:64-72. 2012
2010 Erratum to Alteration of lipid metabolism in cells infected with human cytomegalovirus [Virology 404, (2010), 71-77]Virology.  406:164. 2010
2010 Alteration of lipid metabolism in cells infected with human cytomegalovirusVirology.  404:71-77. 2010
2007 Nuclear export of the human cytomegalovirus tegument protein pp65 requires cyclin-dependent kinase activity and the Crm1 exporterJournal of Virology.  81:11730-11736. 2007
2006 Cyclin-dependent kinase activity is required for efficient expression and posttranslational modification of human cytomegalovirus proteins and for production of extracellular particlesJournal of Virology.  80:5886-5896. 2006
2004 Cyclin-dependent kinase activity is required at early times for accurate processing and accumulation of the human cytomegalovirus UL122-123 and UL37 immediate-early transcripts and at later times for virus productionJournal of Virology.  78:11219-11232. 2004
2004 Small Internal Deletions in the Human Cytomegalovirus IE2 Gene Result in Nonviable Recombinant Viruses with Differential Defects in Viral Gene ExpressionJournal of Virology.  78:1817-1830. 2004
2003 Mechanisms Governing Maintenance of Cdk1/Cyclin B1 Kinase Activity in Cells Infected with Human CytomegalovirusJournal of Virology.  77:13214-13224. 2003
2003 Human cytomegalovirus infection leads to accumulation of geminin and inhibition of the licensing of cellular DNA replicationJournal of Virology.  77:2369-2376. 2003
2002 CMV makes a timely exitScience.  297:778-779. 2002
2002 Infection of cells with human cytomegalovirus during S phase results in a blockade to immediate-early gene expression that can be overcome by inhibition of the proteasomeJournal of Virology.  76:5369-5379. 2002
2002 Viable human cytomegalovirus recombinant virus with an internal deletion of the IE2 86 gene affects late stages of viral replicationJournal of Virology.  76:2973-2989. 2002
2002 Viable human cytomegalovirus recombinant virus with an internal deletion of the IE2 86 gene affects late stages of viral replication.Journal of Virology.  76:2973-2989. 2002
2000 Human cytomegalovirus pp28 (UL99) localizes to a cytoplasmic compartment which overlaps the endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi-intermediate compartmentJournal of Virology.  74:3842-3851. 2000
2000 Exploitation of cellular signaling and regulatory pathways by human cytomegalovirusTrends in Microbiology.  8:111-119. 2000
2000 Accumulation of virion tegument and envelope proteins in a stable cytoplasmic compartment during human cytomegalovirus replication: Characterization of a potential site of virus assemblyJournal of Virology.  74:975-986. 2000
1998 Localization of human cytomegalovirus structural proteins to the nuclear matrix of infected human fibroblastsJournal of Virology.  72:3321-3329. 1998
1993 Detection of two early gene products of Epstein-Barr virus by fluorescence flow cytometryViral Immunology.  6:97-107. 1993
1992 Phorbol ester-induced amino-terminal phosphorylation of human JUN but not JUNB regulates transcriptional activation 1992


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2008 Subversion of cell cycle regulatory pathways.  Ed. 325.  2008

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