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2022 Against the Turn to Critical Race Theory and “Anti-racism” in Academic MedicineHEC Forum2022
2021 Should the risk of Fusobacterium necrophorum pharyngotonsillitis influence prescribing empiric antibiotics for sore throats in adolescents and young adults?Anaerobe.  71. 2021
2019 A Moral Argument against Turning off an Implantable Cardiac Device: Why Deactivation Is a Form of Killing, Not Simply Allowing a Patient to DieCambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics.  28:329-337. 2019
2019 Last Words: Seeking Understanding, if Not Agreement, on Killing and Allowing-to-DieCambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics.  28:359-360. 2019
2019 Reply to Sulmasy/Courtois: Why it is Sometimes Unethical to Deactivate Cardiac Implantable Electrical DevicesCambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics.  28:347-352. 2019
2017 What does the character of medicine as a social practice imply for professional conscientious objection? 2017
2016 Putting patient autonomy in its proper place; professional norm-guided medical decision-makingKennedy Institute of Ethics Journal.  26:457-482. 2016
2015 In reply to berman and craneAcademic Medicine.  90:127. 2015
2014 Health care institutions should not exclude smokers from employmentAcademic Medicine.  89:843-847. 2014
2014 Political Activism is not Mandated by Medical Professionalism 2014
2013 Fumbling toward the future: Internal medicine and clinical care teamsACP journal club.  159:644-645. 2013
2013 The limits of social justice as an aspect of medical professionalism 2013
2013 Moral fiction or moral fact? The distinction between doing and allowing in medical ethicsBioethics.  27:257-262. 2013
2013 Don't Ban the Sunset in Pharmaceutical Advertising If It Doesn't Darken the Sky 2013
2012 Pacemaker deactivation: Withdrawal of support or active ending of life? 2012
2012 Honesty Is an Internal Norm of Medical Practice and the Best Policy 2012
2012 Regarding physician advocacyAcademic Medicine.  87:132. 2012
2011 Retainer medicine: An ethically legitimate form of practice that can improve primary careACP journal club.  155:633-635. 2011
2011 Clarifying the Dispute over Academic-Industry Relationships 2011
2011 Commentary 1: Physician Involvement with Politics—Obligation or Avocation?AMA journal of ethics.  13:757-761. 2011
2011 In Reply: Do medical professionalism and medical education involve commitments to political advocacy?Academic Medicine.  86:1065. 2011
2011 Perspective: Medical professionalism and medical education should not involve commitments to political advocacyAcademic Medicine.  86:378-383. 2011
2010 Response to open peer commentaries on "The pitfalls of deducing ethics from economics: Why the association of American medical colleges is wrong about pharmaceutical detailing" 2010
2010 The pitfalls of deducing ethics from behavioral economics: Why the association of american medical colleges is wrong about pharmaceutical detailing 2010
2009 Internal medicine training in the 21st centuryAcademic Medicine.  83:910-915. 2009
2008 Drug reps and the academic medical center: A case for management rather than prohibitionPerspectives in Biology and Medicine.  51:251-260. 2008
2008 Death, organ transplantation and medical practicePhilosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine.  3. 2008
2008 Internal medicine training in the 21st centuryAcademic Medicine.  83:910-915. 2008
2007 The limits of objective assessment of medical practice 2007
2007 Viewpoint: Taking apart the art: The risk of anatomizing clinical competenceAcademic Medicine.  82:536-541. 2007
2006 Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine: Expanding the open-access conversation on health carePhilosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine.  1. 2006
2006 Academic general internal medicine: Past, present, futureAmerican Journal of Medicine.  119:172-175. 2006
2005 Viewpoint: Teaching professionalism: Is medical morality a competency?Academic Medicine.  80:885-891. 2005
2003 American internal medicine in the 21st century: Can an Oslerian generalism survive?Journal of General Internal Medicine.  18:764-767. 2003
1998 Taking stock at the green journalAmerican Journal of Medicine.  105:131-134. 1998
1996 Competition and reform at the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, 1847-1877.Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences.  51:251-292. 1996
1994 Osler's clinical clerkship: Origins and interpretationsJournal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences.  49:483-503. 1994
1991 Looking backward: the 1871 reforms at Harvard Medical School reconsidered.Bulletin of the History of Medicine.  65:340-365. 1991


Year Title Altmetric
2017 suicide, physician assisted suicide, the doing allowing distinction and double effect.  1-262. 2017

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in History, University of Illinois System : Urbana-Champaign 1988
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Illinois System : Chicago 1985
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  • Thomas Huddle