Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020 Evidence for altered energy metabolism, increased lactate, and decreased pH in schizophrenia brain: A focused review and meta-analysis of human postmortem and magnetic resonance spectroscopy studiesSchizophrenia Research.  223:29-42. 2020
2019 GFR-α1 Expression in Substantia Nigra Increases Bilaterally following Unilateral Striatal GDNF in Aged Rats and Attenuates Nigral Tyrosine Hydroxylase Loss following 6-OHDA Nigrostriatal LesionACS Chemical Neuroscience.  10:4237-4249. 2019
2019 Tyrosine Hydroxylase Inhibition in Substantia Nigra Decreases Movement FrequencyMolecular Neurobiology.  56:2728-2740. 2019
2018 Dissociation of striatal dopamine and tyrosine hydroxylase expression from aging-related motor decline: Evidence from calorie restriction intervention 2018
2017 Mixed neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative pathology in Nhe6-null mouse model of Christianson syndromeeNeuro.  4. 2017
2013 Nigral GFRα1 infusion in aged rats increases locomotor activity, nigral tyrosine hydroxylase, and dopamine content in synchronicityMolecular Neurobiology.  47:988-999. 2013
2012 Comprehensive profiling of dopamine regulation in substantia nigra and ventral tegmental areaJournal of Visualized Experiments2012
2012 Dichotomy of tyrosine hydroxylase and dopamine regulation between somatodendritic and terminal field areas of nigrostriatal and mesoaccumbens pathwaysPLoS One.  7. 2012
2011 Biphasic dopamine regulation in mesoaccumbens pathway in response to non-contingent binge and escalating methamphetamine regimens in the Wistar ratPsychopharmacology.  215:513-526. 2011
2010 GFR α-1 receptor expression in the aging nigrostriatal and mesoaccumbens pathwaysJournal of Neurochemistry.  115:707-715. 2010
2009 Aging reveals a role for nigral tyrosine hydroxylase ser31 phosphorylation in locomotor activity generationPLoS One.  4. 2009
2006 An explanation for the paradoxical induction and suppression of an acute phase response by ethanolAlcohol.  39:105-110. 2006

Research Overview

  • Schizophrenia, protein trafficking, endosomal mechanisms
  • Education And Training

  • Brown University Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Residency
  • Doctor of Medicine, Louisiana State University - Shreveport 2014
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Louisiana State University - Shreveport 2012
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Studies and Humanities, Northwestern State University of Louisiana 2006
  • Full Name

  • Brandon Pruett