Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2023 Oscillation quenching in Stuart-Landau oscillators via dissimilar repulsive couplingPhysical Review Research.  5. 2023
2022 Forecasting seizure clusters from chronic ambulatory electrocorticographyEpilepsia.  63:e106-e111. 2022
2021 A Mixed Filtering Approach for Real-Time Seizure State Tracking Using Multi-Channel Electroencephalography DataIEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering.  29:2037-2045. 2021
2020 Machine learning approach to detect focal-onset seizures in the human anterior nucleus of the thalamusJournal of Neural Engineering.  17. 2020
2020 De Novo Status Epilepticus in patients with COVID-19Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.  7:1240-1244. 2020
2019 Practice trends and the outcome of neuromodulation therapies in epilepsy: A single-center studyEpilepsia Open.  4:493-497. 2019
2019 Spectral organization of focal seizures within the thalamotemporal networkAnnals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.  6:1836-1848. 2019
2019 Dynamics of seizure-induced behavioral and autonomic arousalClinical Autonomic Research.  29:205-209. 2019
2019 Early ictal recruitment of midline thalamus in mesial temporal lobe epilepsyAnnals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.  6:1552-1558. 2019
2019 FMRI response to acute psychological stress differentiates patients with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures from healthy controls – A biochemical and neuroimaging biomarker studyNeuroImage: Clinical.  24. 2019
2018 Automated detection of mesial temporal and temporoperisylvian seizures in the anterior thalamic nucleusJournal of epilepsy.  146:17-20. 2018
2018 Chronic ambulatory electrocorticography findings preceding sudden death in epilepsyNeurology: Clinical Practice.  8:e1-e3. 2018
2018 Predictability and resetting in a case of convulsive status epilepticusFrontiers in Neurology.  9. 2018
2018 Facial emotion processing in patients with seizure disordersEpilepsy and Behavior.  79:193-204. 2018
2018 Auras localized to the temporal lobe disrupt verbal memory and learning — Causal evidence from direct electrical stimulation of the hippocampus 2018
2017 Accuracy of Limited-Montage Electroencephalography in Monitoring Postanoxic Comatose PatientsClinical EEG and Neuroscience.  48:422-427. 2017
2017 Management of Epilepsy Due to Hypothalamic HamartomasPediatric Neurology.  75:29-42. 2017
2017 Vagus nerve stimulation modulates complexity of heart rate variability differently during sleep and wakefulnessAnnals of Indian Academy of Neurology.  20:403-407. 2017
2017 Acute increases in protein O-GlcNAcylation dampen epileptiform activity in hippocampus 2017
2017 Cortical excitability and neuropsychological functioning in healthy adultsNeuropsychologia.  102:190-196. 2017
2017 Perfusion MRI Can Impact Treatment Decision in Ictal-Interictal ContinuumJournal of Clinical Neurophysiology.  34:e15-e18. 2017
2017 Phase synchronization analysis of natural wake and sleep states in healthy individuals using a novel ensemble phase synchronization measureJournal of Clinical Neurophysiology.  34:77-83. 2017
2017 Seizure Detection and Network Dynamics of Generalized Convulsive Seizures: Towards Rational Designing of Closed-Loop Neuromodulation.Neuroscience Journal.  2017:9606213. 2017
2016 White matter abnormalities in patients with treatment-resistant genetic generalized epilepsies 2016
2015 Personalities of patients with nonepileptic psychogenic statusEpilepsy and Behavior.  52:143-148. 2015
2015 Rett Syndrome: Reaching for Clinical TrialsNeurotherapeutics.  12:631-640. 2015
2015 Targeted pharmacological treatment of autism spectrum disorders: Fragile X and Rett syndromesFrontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.  9. 2015
2014 Spectrogram screening of adult EEGs is sensitive and efficientNeurology.  83:56-64. 2014
2014 How focal is generalized epilepsy: A distinction with a difference?Epilepsy and Behavior.  34:127-128. 2014
2014 Young woman with a four-year history of epilepsy and progressive focal cortical atrophy - What is the diagnosis? 2014
2013 Lennox-Gastaut syndrome symptomatic to hypothalamic hamartoma: Evolution and long-term outcome following surgeryPediatric Neurology.  49:25-30. 2013
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2011 Repeat surgery for hypothalamic hamartoma in refractory epilepsyNeurosurgical Focus.  30. 2011
2011 Syndrome of alternating hypernatremia and hyponatremia after hypothalamic hamartoma surgeryNeurosurgical Focus.  30. 2011
2011 Post-streptococcal vasculopathy with evolution to Degos' diseaseJournal of the Neurological Sciences.  300:157-159. 2011
2010 A case of neurosarcoidosis successfully treated with rituximabNeurology.  75:568-570. 2010
2010 Pharmacoresistant epilepsy: From pathogenesis to current and emerging therapiesCleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine.  77:457-467. 2010

Education And Training

  • St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center, Internship
  • St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center, Residency
  • Massachusetts General Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship
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  • Sandipan Pati