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2021 Spironolactone reduces aortic stiffness in patients with resistant hypertension independent of blood pressure change 2021
2021 Masked Uncontrolled Hypertension Is Accompanied by Increased Out-of-Clinic Aldosterone SecretionHypertension.  435-444. 2021
2020 The Unrecognized Prevalence of Primary AldosteronismAnnals of Internal Medicine.  173:683. 2020
2020 The Unrecognized Prevalence of Primary Aldosteronism: A Cross-sectional StudyAnnals of Internal Medicine.  173:10-20. 2020
2020 Aortic blood pressure and arterial stiffness in patients with controlled resistant and non-resistant hypertensionJournal of Clinical Hypertension.  22:167-173. 2020
2020 Antihypertensive Medication Adherence and Confirmation of True Refractory HypertensionHypertension.  510-515. 2020
2020 Case of Episodic and Positional Hypertension: Diagnosis and TreatmentHypertension.  614-621. 2020
2019 Masked uncontrolled hypertension is not attributable to medication nonadherenceHypertension.  74:652-659. 2019
2019 Out-of-Clinic Sympathetic Activity Is Increased in Patients with Masked Uncontrolled HypertensionHypertension.  73:132-141. 2019
2018 Case of refractory hypertension controlled after aortic and mitral valve replacement and coronary artery bypass graftingHypertension.  72:3-9. 2018
2018 Refractory hypertension is not attributable to intravascular fluid retention as determined by intracardiac volumesHypertension.  72:343-349. 2018
2017 Refractory versus resistant hypertension: Novel distinctive phenotypes.Journal of nature and science.  3. 2017
2017 White-Coat Effect Is Uncommon in Patients with Refractory HypertensionHypertension.  70:645-651. 2017
2017 Refractory versus resistant hypertensionCurrent Opinion in Nephrology and Hypertension.  26:14-19. 2017
2016 Nicotinic receptors in chronic kidney disease 2016
2016 Prevalence of pseudoresistant hypertension due to inaccurate blood pressure measurementJournal of the American Society of Hypertension.  10:493-499. 2016
2016 Refractory hypertension: A novel phenotype of antihypertensive treatment failureHypertension.  67:1085-1092. 2016
2016 Resistant and Refractory Hypertension: Antihypertensive Treatment Resistance vs Treatment FailureCanadian Journal of Cardiology.  32:603-606. 2016
2014 A survey of primary care resident attitudes toward continuity clinic patient handover.Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives.  4:25087. 2014

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