• With a strong academic background in applied statistics, data mining, industrial engineering, and research, Dr. Raju has more than six years of statistical and research expertise. With the rapid increase in the amount of data that is being collected, Dr. Raju believes that data mining techniques can effectively extract expedient information. He is particularly interested in using these contemporary statistical data mining and machine learning techniques since they have not been explored in the areas of nursing and health sciences research.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2022 Identifying Potentially Preventable Reasons Nurses Intend to Leave a JobJournal of Nursing Administration.  52:73-80. 2022
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    2019 A Study to Assess the Feasibility of Implementing a Web-Based Decision Aid for Birth after Cesarean to Increase Opportunities for Shared Decision Making in Ethnically Diverse Settings 2019
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    2007 A report of the normative data on teacher content knowledge pretests and posttests from seven 2007 AMSTI summer institutes 2007

    Research Overview

  • Data Mining; Predictive Modeling; Instrument Design, Psychometric Analysis, Multivariate Statistics; Research Design; Applied Statistics
  • Full Name

  • Dheeraj Raju