• Dr. Kana has several years of experience in research in the field of autism spectrum disorders. After earning PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India, he completed his postdoctoral training at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2001 he was awarded the William Fulbright pre-doctoral research fellow to do research at University of California Los Angeles. He joined UAB in 2007.

    Dr. Kana is the director of the Cognition, Brain and Autism Laboratory at UAB, and the co-director of the UAB Undergraduate Neuroscience Program.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

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    Year Title Altmetric
    2022 Introduction to the neuroscience of autism 2022
    2022 The Neuroscience of Autism 2022


    Year Title Altmetric
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    Research Overview

  • Dr. Kana’s research interests are in the area of cognitive and affective neuroscience, and autism spectrum disorders. In addition to investigating the neurobiological mechanisms underlying autism using multimodal neuroimaging techniques — such as functional MRI (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), cortical morphometry, and MR spectroscopy (MRS) — his lab examines the neural bases of social cognition and language comprehension. Brain connectivity is another area of focus in Dr. Kana’s neuroimaging research in autism as well as in neurotypical individuals.

    Social cognitive and affective neuroscience, neuroimaging, autism spectrum disorders, brain and language
  • Teaching Activities

  • HON325 - Honors Prog: Sem in Psychology (Spring Term 2009)
  • PY220 - Special Topics (Summer Term 2015)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Fall Term 2013)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Fall Term 2014)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Fall Term 2015)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Fall Term 2016)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Fall Term 2017)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Fall Term 2018)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Spring Term 2017)
  • PY253 - Brain Mind and Behavior (Summer Term 2018)
  • PY320 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Spring Term 2008)
  • PY320 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Summer Term 2015)
  • PY320 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Summer Term 2017)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2008)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2009)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2010)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2011)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2012)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2013)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2014)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2015)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2016)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Fall Term 2018)
  • PY354 - Autism: Brain and Cognition (Spring Term 2009)
  • PY420 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Fall Term 2008)
  • PY420 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Spring Term 2008)
  • PY420 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Spring Term 2009)
  • PY420 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Spring Term 2010)
  • PY420 - Contemporary Issues in Psych (Spring Term 2011)
  • PY420 - Special Topics (Fall Term 2012)
  • PY420 - Special Topics (Summer Term 2015)
  • PY420 - Special Topics (Summer Term 2017)
  • PY743 - Methods in Neuroimaging (Fall Term 2012)
  • PY743 - Methods in Neuroimaging (Spring Term 2011)
  • PY791 - Special Topics (Summer Term 2015)
  • PY791 - Special Topics (Summer Term 2017)
  • PY791 - Special Topics in Psychology (Fall Term 2008)
  • PY791 - Special Topics in Psychology (Spring Term 2008)
  • PY791 - Special Topics in Psychology (Spring Term 2010)
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology, Indian Institute of Technology/Delhi 2003
  • Full Name

  • Rajesh Kana