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2021 Hepatobiliary cancers, Version 2.2021 2021
2020 The Clinical Benefit of Adjuvant Therapy in Long-Term Survival of Early-Stage Ampullary Carcinoma: A Single Institutional Experience.Journal of Clinical Medicine Research.  12:560-567. 2020
2020 The Novel Use of Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Remnant Adrenal Tissue in Nelson Syndrome 2020
2019 Repeat gamma knife stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: A single-center experience and focused review of the literatureJournal of Clinical Neuroscience.  70:102-107. 2019
2019 Feasibility of Dose Escalating [18F]fluciclovine Positron Emission Tomography Positive Pelvic Lymph Nodes During Moderately Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy for High-Risk Prostate CancerAdvances in Radiation Oncology.  4:649-658. 2019
2019 Therapeutic options for ampullary carcinomas. A reviewOncology Reviews.  13:156-160. 2019
2019 Disparities in clinical outcomes across age, sex and race among patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a single center experienceAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv64. 2019
2019 Efficacy and tolerability of the combination of Liposomal irinotecan and 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin in advanced pancreatic cancers: post-approval clinic experienceAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv74. 2019
2019 Neoadjuvant modified FOLFIRINOX or gemcitabine-nab paclitaxel followed by stereotactic body radiotherapy for patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancerAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv67. 2019
2019 Recent advances in the systemic treatment of gastrointestinal malignancyIndian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology.  40:336-340. 2019
2019 Stereotactic body radiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma: A single institution experienceAnnals of Oncology.  30:iv89. 2019
2019 Hepatobiliary cancers, version 2.2019 featured updates to the NCCN guidelines 2019
2019 Advances in pancreatic cancer biomarkersOncology Reviews.  13:69-76. 2019
2019 Prostate Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy With a Focal Simultaneous Integrated Boost: Acute Toxicity and Dosimetry Results From a Prospective TrialAdvances in Radiation Oncology.  4:90-95. 2019
2017 Subcutaneous adipose tissue characteristics and the risk of biochemical recurrence in men with high-risk prostate cancerUrologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations.  35:663.e15-663.e21. 2017
2017 Hepatobiliary cancers, version 1.2017 featured updates to the NCCN guidelines 2017
2017 NCCN Guidelines Insights: Hepatobiliary Cancers, Version 1.2017. 2017
2016 Improved Postoperative Survival for Intraductal-Growth Subtype of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma.American Surgeon.  82:1133-1139. 2016
2016 Improved postoperative survival for intraductal- growth subtype of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomaAmerican Surgeon.  82:1133-1139. 2016
2016 Impact of adjuvant chemoradiation on survival in patients with resectable cholangiocarcinoma 2016
2016 Protocol RAD 0902: A Pilot Study of Transarterial Chemoembolization Followed by Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Locally Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma. 2016
2016 Successful hepatocellular carcinoma downstaging with transarterial chemoembolization followed by stereotactic radiotherapy 2016
2016 Factors associated with increased incidence of severe toxicities following yttrium-90 resin microspheres in the treatment of hepatic malignanciesWorld Journal of Gastroenterology.  22:3006-3014. 2016
2016 Pelvic radiotherapy versus radical prostatectomy with limited lymph node sampling for high-grade prostate adenocarcinomaProstate Cancer.  2016. 2016
2015 Patterns of Failure for Lymph Node-Positive Resected Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma After Adjuvant Radiotherapy or Gemcitabine-based Chemotherapy AloneJournal of Gastrointestinal Cancer.  46:149-155. 2015
2015 Adjuvant stereotactic body radiotherapy following transarterial chemoembolization in patients with non-resectable hepatocellular carcinoma tumours of ≥3 cm 2015
2015 Continuous chemoradiation following complete response to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy provides improved outcomes in muscle invasive urothelial carcinomaJournal of Solid Tumors.  5:59-68. 2015
2014 Reduced radiation tolerance of penile structures associated with dose-escalated hypofractionated prostate radiotherapyUrology.  84:1383-1388. 2014
2014 Different rectal toxicity tolerance with and without simultaneous conventionally-fractionated pelvic lymph node treatment in patients receiving hypofractionated prostate radiotherapyRadiation Oncology.  9. 2014
2014 A technique using 99mTc-mebrofenin SPECT for radiotherapy treatment planning for liver cancers or metastasesMedical Dosimetry.  39:7-11. 2014
2014 PSA response to neoadjuvant androgen deprivation is an independent prognostic marker and may identify patients who benefit from treatment escalationUrologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations.  32:687-693. 2014
2013 Efficacy and toxicity of conventionally fractionated pelvic radiation with a hypofractionated simultaneous versus conventionally fractionated sequential boost for patients with high-risk prostate cancerActa Oncologica.  52:1181-1188. 2013
2013 Patient benefit from salvage radiation for prostate cancer.Journal of Clinical Oncology.  31:175. 2013
2013 Flattening filter-free linac improves treatment delivery efficiency in stereotactic body radiation therapyJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  14:4126. 2013
2013 Flattening filter-free linac improves treatment delivery efficiency in stereotactic body radiation therapyJournal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.  14:64-71. 2013
2013 Optimal planning target volume margins for elective pelvic lymphatic radiotherapy in high-risk prostate cancer patients.ISRN Oncology.  2013:941269. 2013
2012 Radiation necrosis in the brain: Imaging features and differentiation from tumor recurrenceRadiographics.  32:1343-1359. 2012
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1997 Radiotherapy in the treatment of verrucous carcinoma of the oral cavity.Oral Oncology.  33:124-128. 1997
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1996 Efficacy of vitamin A in the prevention of loco-regional recurrence and second primaries in head and neck cancer.European journal of cancer. Part B, Oral oncology.  32B:373-376. 1996

Education And Training

  • Regional Cancer Center, Residency
  • Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, Residency
  • Velindre & Singleton NHS Trust, Residency
  • Velindre & Singleton NHS Trust, Residency
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center, PA, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Kerala 1988
  • Full Name

  • Rojymon Jacob