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2021 Cognitive Processing Speed Is Strongly Related to Driving Skills, Financial Abilities, and Other Instrumental Activities of Daily Living in Persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Mild Dementia 2021
2021 Novel Alzheimer Disease Risk Loci and Pathways in African American Individuals Using the African Genome Resources Panel: A Meta-analysisJAMA Neurology.  78:102-113. 2021
2020 Genome-wide epigenetic analyses in Japanese immigrant plantation workers with Parkinson's disease and exposure to organochlorines reveal possible involvement of glial genes and pathways involved in neurotoxicityBMC Neuroscience.  21. 2020
2016 Association of DNA methylation differences with schizophrenia in an epigenome-wide association studyJAMA Psychiatry.  73:506-514. 2016
2016 Global and local ancestry in African-Americans: Implications for Alzheimer's disease riskAlzheimer's and Dementia.  12:233-243. 2016
2015 Association of long runs of homozygosity with Alzheimer disease among African American individualsJAMA Neurology.  72:1313-1323. 2015
2013 XSpatial and temporal mapping of de novo mutations in schizophrenia to a fetal prefrontal cortical networkCell.  154. 2013
2013 Persistent infection with neurotropic herpes viruses and cognitive impairmentPsychological Medicine.  43:1023-1031. 2013
2013 Variants in the ATP-binding cassette transporter (ABCA7), apolipoprotein e ε4, and the risk of late-onset Alzheimer disease in African AmericansJournal of the American Medical Association.  309:1483-1492. 2013
2013 Principal components of heritability from neurocognitive domains differ between families with schizophrenia and control subjectsSchizophrenia Bulletin.  39:464-471. 2013
2012 Evaluation of HLA polymorphisms in relation to schizophrenia risk and infectious exposureSchizophrenia Bulletin.  38:1149-1154. 2012
2012 Heritability of functioning in families with schizophrenia in relation to neurocognitionSchizophrenia Research.  139:105-109. 2012
2012 Association between family risk of stroke and myocardial infarction with prevalent risk factors and coexisting diseasesStroke.  43:974-979. 2012
2011 Comparison of measures of marker informativeness for ancestry and admixture mappingBMC Genomics.  12. 2011
2011 Vascular risk factors and cognitive impairment in a stroke-free cohortNeurology.  77:1729-1736. 2011
2011 Incident cognitive impairment is elevated in the stroke belt: The REGARDS StudyAnnals of Neurology.  70:229-236. 2011
2011 A comprehensive genetic association study of Alzheimer disease in African AmericansJAMA Neurology.  68:1569-1579. 2011
2010 Project Among African-Americans to Explore Risks for schizophrenia (paartners): Evidence for impairment and heritability of Neurocognitive functioning in families of schizophrenia patientsAmerican Journal of Psychiatry.  167:459-472. 2010
2009 Genetic risk factors for type 2 diabetes with pharmacologic intervention in African-American patients with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorderSchizophrenia Research.  114:50-56. 2009
2009 Association of higher diastolic blood pressure levels with cognitive impairmentNeurology.  73:589-595. 2009
2009 Convergent patterns of association between phenylalanine hydroxylase variants and schizophrenia in four independent samplesAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  150:560-569. 2009
2009 Database mining for selection of SNP markers useful in admixture mappingBioData Mining.  2. 2009
2009 Linkage analysis of schizophrenia in African-American familiesSchizophrenia Research.  109:70-79. 2009
2008 A genomic scan for age at onset of Alzheimer's disease in 437 families from the NIMH genetic initiativeAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  147:784-792. 2008
2008 Kidney Function and Cognitive Impairment in US Adults: The Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) StudyAmerican Journal of Kidney Diseases.  52:227-234. 2008
2008 Regional differences in diabetes as a possible contributor to the geographic disparity in stroke mortality: The REasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke studyStroke.  39:1675-1680. 2008
2008 Genetic association of neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 2 (NTRK2) with Alzheimer's diseaseAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  147:363-369. 2008
2008 Hemoglobin binding to Aβ and HBG2 SNP association suggest a role in Alzheimer's diseaseNeurobiology of Aging.  29:185-193. 2008
2008 Candidate gene discovery procedure after follow-up confirmatory analyses of candidate regions of interests for Alzheimer's disease in the NIMH sibling datasetDisease Markers.  24:293-309. 2008
2007 Genome-wide linkage analysis of 723 affected relative pairs with late-onset Alzheimer's diseaseHuman Molecular Genetics.  16:2703-2712. 2007
2007 Effects of chronic stress and interleukin-10 gene polymorphisms on antibody response to tetanus vaccine in family caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's diseasePsychosomatic Medicine.  69:551-559. 2007
2007 Cognitive status, stroke symptom reports, and modifiable risk factors among individuals with no diagnosis of stroke or transient ischemic attack in the REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) studyStroke.  38:1143-1147. 2007
2007 Follow-up mapping supports the evidence for linkage in the candidate region at 9q22 in the NIMH Alzheimer's disease genetics initiative cohortAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  144:220-227. 2007
2007 Knowledge of and attitudes about Alzheimer disease genetics: Report of a pilot survey and two focus groupsPublic Health Genomics.  10:97-102. 2007
2007 Erratum to "Project among African-Americans to explore risks for schizophrenia (PAARTNERS): Recruitment and assessment methods" [Schizophrenia Research 87 (1-3) (2006) 32-44] (DOI:10.1016/j.schres.2006.06.027)Schizophrenia Research.  90:369. 2007
2007 A polymorphism in SOD2 is associated with development of Alzheimer's diseaseGenes, Brain and Behavior.  6:770-776. 2007
2006 Further evidence of a maternal parent-of-origin effect on chromosome 10 in late-onset Alzheimer's diseaseAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  141:537-540. 2006
2006 Genetic association between endothelial nitric oxide synthase and Alzheimer disease 2006
2006 Increased frequency of HLA-B44 in recurrent sinopulmonary infections (RESPI)Clinical Immunology.  119:346-350. 2006
2006 African-American community attitudes and perceptions toward schizophrenia and medical research: An exploratory studyJournal of the National Medical Association.  98:18-27. 2006
2006 Polymorphisms in the PON gene cluster are associated with Alzheimer diseaseHuman Molecular Genetics.  15:77-85. 2006
2006 Project among African-Americans to explore risks for schizophrenia (PAARTNERS): Recruitment and assessment methodsSchizophrenia Research.  87:32-44. 2006
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2005 Association studies of transforming growth factor-β1 and Alzheimer's diseaseAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  139 B:38-41. 2005
2005 Neuregulin-1 polymorphism in late onset Alzheimer's disease families with psychosesAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.  139 B:28-32. 2005
2005 The reasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke study: Objectives and designNeuroepidemiology.  25:135-143. 2005
2005 Total blood lymphocyte counts in hemochromatosis probands with HFE C282Y homozygosity: Relationship to severity of iron overload and HLA-A and -B alleles and haplotypesBMC Hematology.  5. 2005
2005 HLA haplotype A*03-B*07 in hemochromatosis probands with HFE C282Y homozygosity: Frequency disparity in men and women and lack of association with severity of iron overloadBlood Cells, Molecules and Diseases.  34:38-47. 2005
2004 Is cumulative frequency of mitochondrial DNA variants a biomarker for colorectal tumor progression?Molecular Cancer.  3. 2004
2004 Ancestry reported by white adults with cutaneous melanoma and control subjects in central AlabamaBMC Cancer.  4. 2004
2004 Genetics and cardiovascular disease. 2004
2003 Genetic association of Alzheimer's disease with multiple polymorphisms in alpha-2-macroglobulinHuman Molecular Genetics.  12:2765-2776. 2003
2003 "Are We There Yet?": Deciding When One Has Demonstrated Specific Genetic Causation in Complex Diseases and Quantitative TraitsAmerican Journal of Human Genetics.  73:711-719. 2003
2003 No association between marker D10S1423 and Alzheimer's diseaseMolecular Psychiatry.  8:571-573. 2003
2003 Depression as a risk factor for Alzheimer disease: The MIRAGE StudyJAMA Neurology.  60:753-759. 2003
2003 Erratum to "The role of TNF and its receptors in Alzheimer's disease": [Neurobiology of Aging 22 (2001) 873-883]Neurobiology of Aging.  24:519-520. 2003
2003 Results of a high-resolution genome screen of 437 Alzheimer's Disease familiesHuman Molecular Genetics.  12:23-32. 2003
2002 Risk of dementia among white and African American relatives of patients with Alzheimer diseaseJournal of the American Medical Association.  287:329-336. 2002
2002 Association between apolipoprotein E genotype and Alzheimer disease in African American subjectsJAMA Neurology.  59:594-600. 2002
2001 The role of TNF and its receptors in Alzheimer's diseaseNeurobiology of Aging.  22:873-883. 2001
2001 Investigation of association of 13 polymorphisms in eight genes in southeastern African American Alzheimer disease patients as compared to age-matched controlsAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.  105:332-342. 2001
2001 No evidence for genetic association or linkage of the cathepsin D (CTSD) exon 2 polymorphism and Alzheimer diseaseAnnals of Neurology.  49:114-116. 2001
2001 Prevalence of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in first-degree relatives of patients with PCOSFertility and Sterility.  75:53-58. 2001
2001 HFE mutations in African-American women with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus 2001
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2000 Evidence for genetic linkage Alzheimer's disease to chromosome 10qScience.  290:2302-2303. 2000
2000 Association of a haplotype for tumor necrosis factor in siblings with late-onset Alzheimer disease: The NIMH Alzheimer disease genetics initiativeAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.  96:823-830. 2000
2000 Genomic structure, expression pattern, and chromosomal localization of the human calsenilin gene: No association between an exonic polymorphism and Alzheimer's diseaseNeuroscience Letters.  294:135-138. 2000
2000 Head injury and the risk of AD in the MIRAGE studyNeurology.  54:1316-1323. 2000
2000 High prevalence of complement component C6 deficiency among African- Americans in the South-eastern USAClinical and Experimental Immunology.  119:305-310. 2000
1999 Associations of MHC genes with levels of caries-inducing organisms and caries severity in African-American womenHuman Immunology.  60:984-989. 1999
1998 Polymorphic tetranucleotide repeat site within intron 7 of the β-amyloid precursor protein gene and its lack of association with Alzheimer's diseaseHuman Genetics.  103:86-89. 1998
1998 Alpha-2 macroglobulin is genetically associated with Alzheimer diseaseNature Genetics.  19:357-360. 1998
1998 Gene polymorphisms for PAI-1 are associated with the angiographic Extent of coronary artery diseaseJournal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis.  5:143-150. 1998
1998 Susceptibility locus for IgA deficiency and common variable immunodeficiency in the HLA-DR3, -B8, -A1 haplotypesMolecular Medicine.  4:72-86. 1998
1997 Instability of the FMR2 trinucleotide repeat region associated with expanded FMR1 allelesAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.  73:447-455. 1997
1997 Rapid determination of clonality by detection of two closely-linked X chromosome exonic polymorphisms using allele-specific PCRJournal of Clinical Investigation.  99:1984-1990. 1997
1997 ApoE-4 and age at onset of Alzheimer's disease: The NIMH genetics initiativeNeurology.  48:139-147. 1997
1997 Development and validation of a structured telephone interview for dementia assessment (STIDA): The NIMH genetics initiativeJournal of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neurology.  10:161-167. 1997
1996 Genetic epidemiologic methods to screen for matrilineal inheritance in mitochondrial disordersGenetic Epidemiology.  13:605-614. 1996
1995 SSCP analysis and sequencing of the human prion protein gene (PRNP) detects two different 24 bp deletions in an atypical Alzheimer's disease familyAmerican Journal of Medical Genetics Part A.  60:12-18. 1995
1994 Genes within the major histocompatibility complex predict NIDDM in African-American women in AlabamaDiabetes reviews (Alexandria, Va.).  17:1491-1494. 1994
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1991 Gestational diabetes mellitus among African‐American women 1991
1991 Histocompatibility Antigen Subtypes in Black Women with Class A1 or Class GB Diabetes MellitusAmerican Journal of Perinatology.  8:106-109. 1991
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1988 Allelic Variants for Complement Factors C3, C4, and B in Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis 1988
1988 Association of HLA-linked factor B with gestational diabetes mellitus in black womenAmerican Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  159:805-806. 1988
1987 Enhanced in vitro IgM rheumatoid factor synthesis in seropositive rheumatoid arthritis families 1987
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1986 Host Factors in Juvenile Periodontitis 1986
1985 Familial studies in human brucellosisHLA.  26:77-79. 1985
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1984 Segregation and linkage analyses of von Hippel Lindau disease among 220 descendants from one kindredAmerican Journal of Human Genetics.  36:131-142. 1984
1983 Genetic epidemiology of breast cancer and associated cancers in high-risk families. I. Segregation analysis 1983
1983 Genetic epidemiology of breast cancer and associated cancers in high-risk families. II. Linkage analysis 1983
1983 Age at onset of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus associated with BfF1Immunogenetics.  17:437-440. 1983
1983 Genetic analysis of multiply-affected families of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (Iddm) probands 1983
1983 Population genetic analyses of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus using HLA allele frequencies 1983
1982 Properdin factor B in black Type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetic patientsDiabetologia.  22:483-485. 1982
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1982 Evidence for genetic admixture as a determinant in the occurrence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in U.S. blacksDiabetes.  31:532-537. 1982
1982 HLA-A, -B, and -DR associations in type I diabetes mellitus with onset after age fortyDiabetes.  31:122-125. 1982
1982 Properdin factor B and acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL)Cancer.  50:2369-2371. 1982
1981 PROPERDIN FACTOR B POLYMORPHISM IN BLACK AMERICANSInternational Journal of Immunogenetics.  8:519-521. 1981
1981 Properdin factor B (Bf) phenotypes in blacks with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) 1981
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1979 Possible linkage between α-haptoglobin (hp) and depression spectrum disease 1979
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1975 Familial hyper-alpha-lipoproteinemia: Studies in eighteen kindreds 1975
1975 Specificity of the clinical diagnosis of dementiaJournal of the Neurological Sciences.  26:81-98. 1975

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics, University of Hawaii System : Hilo 1972
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology / Biological Sciences, University of Redlands 1967
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  • Rodney Go