Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 MEGnet: Automatic ICA-based artifact removal for MEG using spatiotemporal convolutional neural networks.NeuroImage.  241:118402. 2021
2018 Structure and Dynamics of tRNAMet Containing Core SubstitutionsACS Omega.  3:10668-10678. 2018
2018 Using correlated motions to determine sufficient sampling times for molecular dynamicsPhysical Review E.  98. 2018
2018 All-atom molecular dynamics comparison of disease-associated zinc fingersJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.  36:2581-2594. 2018
2018 Visualizing correlated motion with HDBSCAN clusteringProtein Science.  27:62-75. 2018
2017 MutSα's multi-domain allosteric response to three DNA damage types revealed by machine learningFrontiers in Physics.  5. 2017
2017 Binding site configurations probe the structure and dynamics of the zinc finger of NEMO (NF-κB Essential Modulator)Biochemistry.  56:623-633. 2017
2016 Uncovering Large-Scale Conformational Change in Molecular Dynamics without Prior KnowledgeJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation.  12:6130-6146. 2016
2016 Importance of long-time simulations for rare event sampling in zinc finger proteinsJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics.  34:125-134. 2016
2015 Influence of Zinc-Binding on Folding and Dynamics of Zinc Finger Proteins: In SilicoBiophysical Journal.  108:519a. 2015


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Computer-Aided Drug Discovery.  1-30. 2015

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Wake Forest University 2017
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  • Ryan Godwin