Mucosally activated circulating human T-cells express the gut homing receptor α4β7

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  • Recirculation of mucosal lymphocytes back to the mucosae has been established in animal experiments and indirect evidence is emerging from studies in humans as well. In this study the homing commitments of human circulating antigen-specific T-cells were examined by studying the expression of the gut homing receptor (HR), oc4β7. Volunteers were fed orally (6 volunteers, 100mg/day, on days 1-5 and 16-20) or injected 10 ug parenterally (3 volunteers, s.c. twice, 10 days apart) with keyhole limpet haemocyanin (KLH). Blood was collected 6-8 days after the last dose. PBMC were sorted according to their
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  • Kantele A; Zivny JH; Häkkinen M; Thaggart G; Lazarovits A; Moldoveanu Z; Elson CO; Mestecky J
  • Volume

  • 10
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  • 6