Altered expression of self-reactive T cell receptor Vβ regions in autoimmune mice

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  • Intrathymic tolerane results in elimination of T cells bearing self-reactive TCR Vβ regions in mice expressing certain combinations of I-E and minor lymphocyte stimulatory (Mls) phenotypes. To determine if autoimmune strains of mice have a defect in intrathymic deletion of self-reactive TCR Vβ regions, expression of Vβ3, Vβ6, Vβ8.1, and Vβ11 were examined in lpr/lpr and +/+ strains of mice; MRL/MpJ(H-2(k), I-E+, Mlsb,), C57BL/6J(H-2b, I-E-, Mlsb,), C3H/HeJ(H-2(k), I-E+, Mls(c)), AKR/J(H-2(k), I-E+, Mlsa); and in autoimmune NZB/N(H-2(d), I-E+, Mlsa) and BXSB(H-2b, I-E-, Mlsb) mice. The results suggest that, during intrathymic development, self-reactive T cells are deleted in autoimmune strains of mice as found in normal control strains of mice. However, the TCR Vβ repertoire is skewed in autoimmune strains compared to normal strains of mice. For example, MRL-lpr/lpr mice, but not other lpr/lpr strains, had increased expression of Vβ6 relative to expression in control MRL-+/+ mice, which is associated with collagen-induced arthritis. These data are consistent with a model of normal affinity for negative selection of self-reactive T cells in the thymus of autoimmune strains of mice followed by expansion of autoreactive T cell clones in the peripheral lymphoid organs. The peripheral lymphoid organs of lpr/lpr mice contain an expanded population of abnormal CD4-, CD8-, 6B2+ T cells. Elimination of self-reactive peripheral T cells suggests that these abnormal cells are derived from a CD4+ subpopulation in the thymus. Flow cytometry analysis of peripheral lymph node T cells from MRL-lpr/lpr mice reveal three populations of CD4+ T cells expressing low, intermediate and high intensity of B220 (6B2). This supports the hypothesis that in lpr/lpr mice, self-reactive CD4+ T cells are eliminated in the thymus, and that these cells lose expression of CD4 and acquire expression of 6B2 in the periphery.
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