Residual gravity jitter effects on fluid process

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  • In this paper, as an example of the effects of g-jitter on fluid processes, the generation of mean solute transport during directional solidification as a result of oscillatory g-jitter is described. The frequency, amplitude and the spatial orientation of the acceleration vector all play an important role in determining the response of the system. For example, for residual accelerations where the acceleration oscillates about positive and negative of a fixed direction, the orientation of this direction relative to the density gradient determines whether a mean flow is generated in the system. The mean flow produces a mean compositional non-uniformity. Also, for sinusoidally oscillating accelerations, even when the mean flow is negligible, a mean compositional non-uniformity will generally still arise whenever the phase difference, φv - φD, between the oscillating velocity and composition fields is different from 90°C.
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