Occupational safety and health



  • The prevention, control, reduction and elimination of occupational hazards and risks are a continuous and ever-evolving concern. Occupational safety and health affects the well-being and quality of life of individuals, their families as well as the community at-large. Due to scientific discoveries and technological advances over the last years, the types and characteristics of professions evolved, introducing new occupational hazards and risks. The Occupational Safety and Health book provides an evaluation of chemical and biological hazards to workload management approaches to workforce education tools from an international perspective. Within the book chapters, potential occupational impacts of rapidly developing nanotechnology and traffic exhausts -a recently recognized human carcinogen- are analyzed. The workload management program in the healthcare industry is evaluated, as well as the effectiveness of education programs on occupational safety in schools and the perspectives on occupational safety and health in Europe and Asia are also presented. Throughout the book, it is apparent that the need to integrate health and safety in the workplace is beneficial for all interested parties, ranging from stakeholders, investors, workers to the community at-large. This book represents an ideal starting point for introducing emerging aspects of occupational safety and health in response to technological advancements, describing the principles of management and education programs and providing insights on occupational issues for communities with different intellectual and cultural backgrounds.
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