Politics of privilege in college classrooms: Cultural inequities and the paradox of safe spaces in critical andragogy



  • One pressing issue in teacher education is employing a transformative preparation approach with aspiring teachers. Professors of education have long since grappled with the challenge of helping novice educators envision themselves differently from their own personal experiences as a student. This issue is especially problematic when you consider the majority of candidates enrolled in teacher education programs are young, white females from middle-class backgrounds. This uniform population coupled with our national history of ignoring and minimizing diverse perspectives within the learning environment creates an insurmountable task for teacher educators charged with developing classroom teachers that are highly qualified to meet the diverse needs of the school’s student population. The goal of this chapter is to build an understanding of andragogy, pedagogy, and the paradox of safe spaces for higher education faculty and teacher candidates enrolled in schools of education. The first portion of the chapter critically examines Mechanics of the Learning Environment, highlighting privilege, bias, racism, and teaching adult learners. The second portion of this chapter, Political Powers, explores opportunities for building critical conversations among higher education faculty and teacher candidates via unheard voices and art. Lastly, this chapter concludes with Suggestions for Faculty, Department Chairs, and Deans who are working tirelessly towards transformative education to grow aspiring educators who not only view themselves as social justice advocates but operate as agents of change within our profession.
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