Cytokine profiling of tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes by flow cytometry



  • Intracellular cytokine staining (ICS) utilizing fluorescently labeled, cytokine-specific antibodies is a powerful technique utilized to evaluate cytokine expression that provides resolution at the single cell level. Combined with multi-parameter flow cytometry, ICS can provide detailed information on complex cytokine profiles and cellular phenotypes within the tumor microenvironment, particularly for the CD4+ T helper and CD8+ cytotoxic T cell compartments. This technique provides critical information concerning tumor-infiltrating T cell function that is essential for evaluating existing or therapeutically-induced tumor antigen-specific T cell responses in both preclinical models and cancer patients. In this chapter we will discuss in detail the critical steps necessary for a successful ICS assay and outline common protocols for the evaluation of cytokine production from T cell subsets present within the tumor microenvironment.
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