Human alpha A-crystallin missing N-terminal domain poorly complexes with filensin and phakinin

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  • The aim of this study was to determine relative importance of N-terminal domain and C-terminal extension of αA-crystallin during their in vitro complex formation with phakinin and filensin (the two lens-specific intermediate filament [IF] proteins). Cloned phakinin, filensin and vimentin were purified under a denaturing conditions by consecutive DEAE-cellulose-, hydroxyapatite- and Sephadex G-75-column chromatographic methods. WTαA-crystallin, αA-NT (N-terminal domain [residue number 1–63])-deleted and αA-CT (C-terminal terminal extension [residue number 140–173]-deleted), were cloned in pET 100 TOPO vector, expressed in BL-21 (DE3) cells using 1% IPTG, and purified using a Ni2+-affinity column. The following two in vitro methods were used to determine complex formation of WT-αA, αA-NT, or αA-CT with phakinin, filensin or both phakinin plus filensin together: an ultracentrifugation sedimentation (centrifugation at 80,000 × g for 30 min at 20 °C) followed by SDS-PAGE analysis, and an electron microscopic analysis. In the first method, the individual control proteins (WT-αA, αA-NT and αA-CT crystallin species) remained in the supernatant fractions whereas phakinin, filensin, and vimentin were recovered in the pellet fractions. On complex formation by individual WT-αA-, αA-NT or αA-CT-species with filensin, phakinin or both phakinin and filensin, WT-αA and αA-CT were recovered in the pellet fraction with phakinin, filensin or both filensin and phakinin, whereas αA-NT remained mostly in the supernatant, suggesting its poor complex formation property. EM-studies showed filamentous structure formation between WT-αA and αA-CT with phakinin or filensin, or with both filensin and phakinin together but relatively poor filamentous structures with αA-NT. Together, the results suggest that the N-terminal domain of αA-crystallin is required during in vitro complex formation with filensin and phakinin.
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  • Chaves JM; Gupta R; Srivastava K; Srivastava O
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