New Findings in Non-Verbal Lie Detection



  • This chapter provides an overview of research on non-verbal lie detection and some new meta-analytic findings. The chapter begins with a review of classic theories of deception which predict the existence of non-verbal cues to deception. A brief overview of the empirical findings on behavioural cues to deception based on meta-analytic findings is also provided. We next provide a meta-analysis documenting a decline effect in research on deception: cues to deception decrease in strength the longer they are studied. Next discussed are various aspects of the relationship between demeanour and perceivers' judgments of deception made by perceiver. In particular, a meta-analysis of perceived honesty across various modalities is reported. The results show that people who look honest also sound honest, and these same individuals spin convincing tales. Finally, we analyse and discuss the determinants of accurate lie detection from demeanour based on direct and indirect measures of veracity. Contrary to some current perspectives, meta-analysis suggests that accuracy is higher when assessed with direct measures than indirect assessment.
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