Optimizing bioreactor operating conditions for the production of engineered cartilage

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  • A concentric cylinder bioreactor was used for the production of engineered cartilage. The bioreactor has a concentric cylinder region flanked by a cone/plate region to minimize end effects. The inner cylinder remains stationary while the outer cup rotates to impose shear forces on the construct. A gap of 3 mm between the inner and outer cup allows for stable, well defined flows. Results show that porous polymer scaffolds (1 cm × 2 mm thick) inside the bioreactor are uniformly seeded with chondrocytes, with over 95% seeding efficiency within 24 hours. Construct cellular density approached 15 million cells/construct construct in less than two weeks depending on the initial bioreactor cell seeding concentration (3.75-6.25 × 106 cells/construct). During 4 weeks of culture, there was a continual increase in GAG (2-3 mg/construct) and collagen (4mg/construct) which was determined to be primarily of type II.
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  • Saini S; Wick TM
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  • 28
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  • SUPPL. 1