Oh, We've Got Trouble! Right Here in Ravenna City: It Starts with "G," and Has an "S," and Ends in "A" (With Apologies to Meredith Wilson)

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  • Currently in his second year as assistant principal, Jack Andrews is facing conflicting pressures of leadership related to his perception of career mobility and the tensions caused by a pervasively heterosexist, sexist, and homophobic culture in his school. This case raises questions regarding the purpose of school in terms of social justice, equality and liability, and curriculum outside of the lessons geared toward standardized testing. In addition, this case provokes reflection on the relationship between community values and the politics related to leadership and career mobility.
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  • Social Justice; Assistant Principals; Civil Rights; Homosexuality; School Culture; Politics of Education; Case Method (Teaching Technique); Problem Based Learning; School Administration; Governance; Social Values; Instructional Leadership, New England
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  • Tooms A; Lugg CA
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