Bridge Leadership: Connecting Educational Leadership and Social Justice to Improve Schools. Educational Leadership for Social Justice



  • This is the first chronicle of the history of social justice as a line of inquiry within the field of educational administration. Editors Tooms and Boske have amassed a collective voice of leaders in the field of Educational Administration who have broken barriers and expanded the field through their own work and scholarship within a national and international arena. Many of these narratives are the first time tellings of the challenges and successes found in the works of this group of scholars of historic significance. This collection is written and organized into practical and easy to digest sections. They are part history lesson, and part practical teaching tool for those who prepare school leaders. Anyone from school leaders to academics interested or charged with unpacking the messy intersections between school leadership and issues of social justice will find inspiration and easy to understand explanations of leadership and equity work within the chapters presented. This book is divided into four parts. Part I, Looking Inward, contains the following: (1) Surviving While Dismantling One's Professional Culture: The Honor/Struggle for the Feminist Academic (Catherine Marshall); (2) Scenic Overlook: Chapters 1 and 2. A Time to Grow: Workplace Mobbing and the Making of a Tempered Radical (Christa Boske); (3) Scenic Overlook: Chapters 2 and 3. What's a Nice Dyke Like You Embracing This Postmodern Crap? (Catherine A. Lugg); and (4) Scenic Overlook: Chapters 3 and 4. "Fire in the Belly": Igniting a Social Justice Discourse in Learning Environments of Leadership Preparation, Gaetane Jean-Marie. Part II, The Leadership Bridge, contains the following: (5) Leading Justly in a Complex World (Carolyn M. Shields). Part III, Looking Outward, contains the following: (6) The Miseducation of a Professor of Educational Administration: Learning and Unlearning Culturally (Ir)relevant Leadership (Jeffrey S. Brooks); (7) Scenic Overlook: Chapters 5 and 6. Individual Transformation for Global Impact: Increasing Global Citizenship Through Study Abroad (Colleen L. Larson and Teboho Moja); (8) Scenic Overlook: Chapters 6 and 7. Unlocking the Door to International Collaboration: The Power of Interpersonal Relationships and Learning Communities (Bruce Barnett and Gary O'Mahony); and (9) Scenic Overlook: Chapters 7 and 8. Personal Reflections on an Organizational Transformation: UCEA's Re-Emerging Role in a World of Interdependent Nations (Stephen Jacobson). Part IV: The Reflecting Pool, contains the following: (10) The Reflecting Pool (Autumn K. Tooms and Christa Boske. Epilogue, Ira Bogotch and Dilys Schoorman.) [Foreword by Margaret Grogan.]
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  • Social Justice; Citizenship; Educational Administration; Leadership; Study Abroad; Educational Improvement; Educational History; Leadership Role; Barriers; Feminism; Postmodernism; Homosexuality; College Faculty; Global Education; International Cooperation; Interpersonal Relationship; Organizational Change; Professional Associations; Consortia
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