Clashing epistemologies: Reflections on change, culture, and the politics of the professoriate



  • The purpose of this chapter is to examine the complexities of shifting the organizational culture of a leadership preparation program. We begin with an examination of the power that discourse (Apple, 2001; Derrida, 1982; Foucault, 1983; Gee, 1996, 1999) has in relation to curriculum in leadership preparation and the cultural values of the program (Barnard, 1938; Martin, 1992). Next, we augment this discussion with narratives from our experiences as change agents. This is followed by a discussion of the culture of academe. Finally, we conclude with the introduction of a conceptual model that centers on interactions between candidates and scholars as they move toward an organizational identity engaged in a willingness to cooperate, communicate, and achieve a sense of purpose and mission. When we come to understand that our fates are inextricably tied together, that life is a mutually interdependent web of relations-then universal responsibility becomes the only sane choice for thinking people.
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