Ultrastructure of subcapsular lens epithelial cells in various kinds of cataractous lens

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  • Purpose. Anterior polar type of cataractous lens showing typically star shaped opacity beneath the anterior capsule mimics the fibrotic changes of len epithelial (LEP) cells on the posterior capsule observed in after-cataract. We examined the ultrastructural changes of anterior subcapsular LEP cells in senile and anterior polor type of cataractous lens. Methods. The anterior capsules were obtained during the cataract surgery and from donor eyes of Central Eye Bank. Some of these capsules were observed by light microscope after immunostaining for vimentin and cytokeratin and the others, by scanning and transmission electron microscope. Results. The majority of LEP cells in senile cataractous lens was positive both in vimentin and cytokeratin stainings. Fibroblast-like LEP cells were separated from the capsule by extracellular matrix. Fibroblast-like LEP cells containing abundant microfilaments and granular substances in the cytoplasm revealed electron-dense, whereas LEP cells containing few microfilament and cell organelles revealed electron-lucent. In anterior polar type of cataractous lens, LEP cells showed the pattern of polarity and sorrounded by extracellular matrix and collagen-like fibers. Conclusion. LEP cells in senile cataractous lens showed the characteristics of mesenchymal cells and the stage of cytodifferentiatiing LEP cells was also confirmed in anterior polar type of cataractous lens.
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  • Jeon MJ; Cho KS; Kim J; Joo CK; Lee KH; Kim JH
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  • 37
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