Identification of suppressor T cells in virgin non-responder spleen cells responsible for primary unresponsiveness to L-glutamic acid60-L-alanine30-L-tyrosine10 (GAT)

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  • T cell subsets that regulate antibody responses to L-glutamic acid90-L-alanine30-L-tyrosine10 (GAT) in mice that are Ir gene non-responders have been further characterized. We previously defined several T cell subsets in GAT-primed non-responder mice. The Lyt-2+ suppressor-effector T cells suppress responses to GAT and GAT complexed to methylated BSA (GAT-MBSA). The Lyt-1+ cell population is complex and can be separated into I-J- Th cells, which support responses to GAT and GAT-MBSA. After priming, the Lyt-1+, I-J+ cell population contains suppressor-inducer cells that activate precursors of suppressor-effector cells to suppress responses to GAT and GAT-MBSA as well as Ts cells that directly inhibit responses to GAT but not GAT-MBSA. By contrast, the Lyt-1+ cells from virgin mice contain only cells that directly suppress responses to GAT but not GAT-MBSA. The major question addressed in the present studies was whether the Lyt-1+, I-J+ Ts cells in virgin and primed mice and the suppressor-inducer cells in GAT-primed mice were functionally and serologically distinct subsets. The studies used mAb and panning procedures to separate cell populations and inhibition of PFC cell responses to functionally define the activity of the cell populations. We used the following two mAb that were raised by immunizing rats with GAT-specific suppressor factors: 1248A4.10 (known to react with suppressor-inducer cells) and 1248A4.3, another reagent from the same fusion. Lyt-1+ cells from virgin spleens contained Ts cells that were A4.10-, A4.3+ and no suppressor-inducer T cells, whereas Lyt-1+ cells from GAt primed-spleens contained Ts cells that were A4.10-, A4.3+ as well as A4.10+, A4.3- suppressor-inducer cells. Thus, the Lyt1+, I-J+ cell subsets can be divided into two functionally and serologically distinct subsets, direct Ts cells (1248A4.3+), which suppress responses to GAT but not GAT-MBSA, and GAT-primed suppressor-inducer T cells (1248A4.10+).
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  • Pierce CW; Sorensen CM; Kapp JA
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