Feature: An institutional analysis of risk factors in pectoralis advancement flap reconstruction

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  • The restoration of structure, function, and physiology to damaged or missing tissue through the use of a regenerative tissue matrix (RTM) leads to regenerative healing rather than reparative scarring. While many processes exist to transform biologic materials into an extracellular matrix (ECM), only those that maintain the required structural and biochemical properties necessary to capture the intrinsic regenerative abilities of the body are suitable to produce an RTM. Histological examination using differential staining with hematoxylin and eosin stain or Verhoeff von Geisen stain of human biopsies of RTM obtained from 2 different abdominal surgery patients taken at 8- and 12 months were consistent with RTM remodeling into fascia-like tissue. A synopsis of recent studies on the use of the RTM GraftJacket® (Wright Medical Technologies, Memphis, Tenn) in successful closure of diabetic foot wounds is presented. Collectively, these reports indicate that LifeCell produced ECMs exemplified by GraftJacket exhibit the required clinical outcomes associated with an RTM. © 2007 HMP Communications, All Right Reserved.
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  • Robbins C; Ahumada L; De La Torre J
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  • 19
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