Klein-Nishina electronic cross-section, Compton cross sections, and buildup factor of wax for radiation shielding and protection

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  • Klein-Nishina scattering cross-sections, Compton scattering, mass attenuation and energy transfer cross-sections, linear attenuation coefficient and buildup factor of 99.99% pure paraffin wax (Carbon = 85.14%, Hydrogen = 14.86%). are calculated using 0.662, 0.835, 1.17 and 1.33 MeV γ-rays. The mentioned γ-rays were obtained from Cs-137, Mn-54 and Co-60 radioisotopes. Gamma rays obtained from these radioisotopes were passed through circular shaped wax slices and allowed to fall on a NaI detector. The thickness of wax slices were 0.33-2.9 cm with 6 cm diameter. Lead collimator of 1 cm diameter hole in the middle was used to obtain a collimated beam for narrow beam geometry. Broad beam geometry was used by removing the collimator to investigate buildup factor. Results show that Klein-Nishina electronic cross-section, Compton mass attenuation coefficient and Compton energy transfer coefficient all decrease with increasing photon energy. Linear attenuation coefficients μ = 0.0532 cm-1 for 1.17 MeV beam and μ = 0.0419 cm-1 for 1.33 MeV γ-rays were obtained for wax. Variations in buildup factors are observed with increasing thickness of wax for 1.17 and 1.33 MeV beams.
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  • Alenezi M; Stinson K; Maqbool M; Bolus N
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