Kinetic superiority of intra- vs. extracellular pentose pathway flux: Studies in porous adipocytes

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  • Considering how the cytosol is typically prepared, to wit, by cell disruption and ultracentrifugation, historically this compartment has been deemed unstructured and kinetically analogous to a solubilized system. By prudently permeabilizing rat adipocytes so that there is scant enzyme egress, intermediary metabolism can be explored intracellularly. Herein, cytoplasmic flux vs. a soluble reference system was compared. The three-enzyme oxidative portion of the pentose pathway was examined using [1-14C]glucose 6-phosphate (G-6-P); both the steady-state velocities (v(o)) and transient times (τ(ss)) were compared in each system. At low G-6-P levels (<
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  • McCormick KL; Mick GJ
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  • 261