Deimination in the peripheral nervous system: A wallflower existence



  • The deimination in the peripheral nervous system (PNS), currently little-noticed, posseses a great potential as there is widespread evidence for deimination in developmental, degenerative, regenerative, and inflammatory processes. In order to prove this hypothesis, the review deals with the present knowledge of deimination in the normal healthy as well as in the injured and diseased PNS. The distribution of peptidylarginine deiminases and peptidyl citrulline in the PNS will be discussed just as the citrulline immunohistochemistry and the associated pitfall of nitric oxide synthase. Furthermore, the importance of protein deimination for neuritogenesis and regular myelination was examined and we have commended on why deimination in the PNS still leads a Wallflower existence. At the end, we speculate what the future should/could bring in regards to PNS deimination being convinced that a better understanding of PNS deimination will offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches from nerve degeneration/regeneration processes, neuropathies, and neuropathic pain through to anti-tumor strategies.
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