Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 Trends in personal protective equipment use by clinicians performing airway procedures for patients with coronavirus disease 2019 in the USA from the intubateCOVID registryBritish Journal of Anaesthesia.  126:e184-e186. 2021
2018 Differential diagnosis of otitis media with effusion using label-free Raman spectroscopy: A pilot studyJournal of Biophotonics.  11. 2018
1999 Pain management and pulmonary dysfunctionCritical Care Clinics.  15:151-166. 1999
1994 Humoral pulmonary vasoregulation in conscious dogs after left lung autotransplantation 1994
1993 The effectiveness of pre-operative advice to stop smoking: a prospective controlled trial.Anaesthesia.  48:816-818. 1993
1993 Abnormal responses to pulmonary vasodilators in conscious dogs after left lung autotransplantation.American Journal of Physiology.  264:H917-H925. 1993
1993 Amrinone and the pulmonary vascular pressure-flow relationship in conscious control dogs and following left lung autotransplantationAnesthesiology.  78:1166-1174. 1993
1993 Pulmonary vascular α1-adrenoreceptor activity in conscious dogs after left lung autotransplantation 1993
1992 N omega-nitro-L-arginine and pulmonary vascular pressure-flow relationship in conscious dogs.American Journal of Physiology.  262:H1331-H1337. 1992
1992 Acute and chronic pulmonary vasoconstriction after left lung autotransplantation in conscious dogs 1992
1992 Differential effects of general anesthesia on cGMP-mediated pulmonary vasodilation 1992
1989 Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the oral antispastic agent tizanidine in patients with spinal cord injury 1989


Year Title Altmetric
1999 Pain Management and Pulmonary Dysfunction.  151-166. 1999

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Education And Training

  • Bromley Hospital, Internship
  • Queen Alexandra Hospital, Internship
  • Guy's Hospital, Residency
  • Doctorate in Medicine, University of London 1982
  • Full Name

  • Pankaj Desai