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2021 Genomic alterations associated with mutational signatures, DNA damage repair and chromatin remodeling pathways in cervical carcinoma 2021
2021 Immunophenotype-associated gene signature in ductal breast tumors varies by receptor subtype, but the expression of individual signature genes remains consistentCancer Medicine.  10:5712-5720. 2021
2020 HPV-EM: an accurate HPV detection and genotyping EM algorithmScientific Reports.  10. 2020
2020 High-coverage whole-genome analysis of 1220 cancers reveals hundreds of genes deregulated by rearrangement-mediated cis-regulatory alterationsNature Communications.  11. 2020
2020 Retrospective evaluation of whole exome and genome mutation calls in 746 cancer samplesNature Communications.  11. 2020
2020 Sex differences in oncogenic mutational processesNature Communications.  11. 2020
2020 Analysis of Ugandan cervical carcinomas identifies human papillomavirus clade–specific epigenome and transcriptome landscapesNature Genetics.  52:800-810. 2020
2020 The landscape of viral associations in human cancersNature Genetics.  52:320-330. 2020
2020 Genomic basis for RNA alterations in cancerNature.  578:129-136. 2020
2020 Pan-cancer analysis of whole genomesNature.  578:82-93. 2020
2019 Gain of function in somatic TP53 mutations is associated with immune-rich breast tumors and changes in tumor-associated macrophagesMolecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine.  7. 2019
2019 Erratum: The Immune Landscape of Cancer (Immunity (2018) 48(4) (812–830.e14), (S1074761318301213), (10.1016/j.immuni.2018.03.023))Immunity.  51:411-412. 2019
2018 GATK PathSeq: A customizable computational tool for the discovery and identification of microbial sequences in libraries from eukaryotic hostsBioinformatics.  34:4287-4289. 2018
2018 Two high-risk susceptibility loci at 6p25.3 and 14q32.13 for Waldenström macroglobulinemiaNature Communications.  9. 2018
2018 Erratum: Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer (Cell (2017) 171(3) (540–556.e25) (S0092867417310565) (10.1016/j.cell.2017.09.007))Cell.  174:1033. 2018
2018 The Immune Landscape of CancerImmunity.  48:812-830.e14. 2018
2018 A Comprehensive Pan-Cancer Molecular Study of Gynecologic and Breast CancersCancer Cell.  33:690-705.e9. 2018
2018 Comparative Molecular Analysis of Gastrointestinal AdenocarcinomasCancer Cell.  33:721-735.e8. 2018
2018 Genomic, Pathway Network, and Immunologic Features Distinguishing Squamous CarcinomasCell Reports.  23:194-212.e6. 2018
2017 Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Muscle-Invasive Bladder CancerCell.  171:540-556.e25. 2017
2017 Clinicopathologic and molecular markers in cervical carcinoma: a prospective cohort studyAmerican Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  217:432.e1-432.e17. 2017
2017 Erratum: Integrative Genomic Analysis of Cholangiocarcinoma Identifies Distinct IDH-Mutant Molecular Profiles (Cell Reports (2017) 18(11) (2780–2794) (S2211124717302140) (10.1016/j.celrep.2017.02.033))Cell Reports.  19:2878-2880. 2017
2017 Comprehensive and Integrative Genomic Characterization of Hepatocellular CarcinomaCell.  169:1327-1341.e23. 2017
2017 Integrated genomic and molecular characterization of cervical cancerNature.  543:378-384. 2017
2017 Integrated genomic characterization of oesophageal carcinomaNature.  541:169-174. 2017
2017 Pathway-structured predictive model for cancer survival prediction: A two-stage approach 2017
2016 Notch signaling activation is associated with patient mortality and increased FGF1-mediated invasion in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity 2016
2016 Racial disparities in individual breast cancer outcomes by hormone-receptor subtype, area-level socio-economic status and healthcare resourcesBreast Cancer Research and Treatment.  157:575-586. 2016
2016 Pathway-Structured Predictive Model for Cancer Survival Prediction: A Two-Stage Approach 2016
2016 Metagenomic Characterization of Microbial Communities In Situ Within the Deeper Layers of the Ileum in Crohn's DiseaseCellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology.  2:563-566.e5. 2016
2015 Genomic aberrations in cervical adenocarcinomas in Hong Kong Chinese womenInternational Journal of Cancer.  137:776-783. 2015
2015 Comprehensive genomic characterization of head and neck squamous cell carcinomasNature.  517:576-582. 2015
2015 The tumor virus landscape of AIDS-related lymphomasBlood.  125:e14-e22. 2015
2014 Characterization of HPV and host genome interactions in primary head and neck cancers 2014
2014 Integrated Genomic Characterization of Papillary Thyroid CarcinomaCell.  159:676-690. 2014
2014 Comprehensive molecular characterization of gastric adenocarcinomaNature.  513:202-209. 2014
2014 Multiplatform analysis of 12 cancer types reveals molecular classification within and across tissues of originCell.  158:929-944. 2014
2014 Landscape of genomic alterations in cervical carcinomasNature.  506:371-375. 2014
2013 Somatic mutation of CDKN1B in small intestine neuroendocrine tumorsNature Genetics.  45:1483-1486. 2013
2013 The cancer genome atlas pan-cancer analysis projectNature Genetics.  45:1113-1120. 2013
2013 Abstract 4604: Landscape of human and viral genomic alterations in cervical carcinomas.Molecular and Cellular Biology2013
2013 Sequence-based discovery of Bradyrhizobium enterica in cord colitis syndromeNew England Journal of Medicine.  369:517-528. 2013
2012 Discovery and prioritization of somatic mutations in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) by whole-exome sequencing 2012
2012 Genomic analysis identifies association of Fusobacterium with colorectal carcinoma 2012
2012 Pathogen discovery in AIDS-related lymphoma by high-throughput sequencingInfectious Agents and Cancer.  7:P45-P45. 2012
2011 PathSeq: Software to identify or discover microbes by deep sequencing of human tissueNature Biotechnology.  29:393-396. 2011
2011 Abstract 949: PathSeq: A comprehensive computational tool for pathogen discovery by deep sequencing of human cancer tissuesEpidemiology2011
2008 Interplay of reverse transcriptase inhibitor therapy and gag p6 diversity in HIV type 1 subtype G and CRF02_AGAIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.  24:1167-1174. 2008
2007 Characterization of HIV type 1 reverse transcriptase mutations in infants infected by mothers who received peripartum nevirapine prophylaxis in Jos, NigeriaAIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.  23:1587-1591. 2007
2007 The complexity of circulating HIV type 1 strains in Oyo State, NigeriaAIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.  23:1020-1025. 2007
2006 HIV-1 subtype and reverse transcriptase genotype: Role for geographical location and founder effects [7]PLoS Medicine.  3:2462-2463. 2006
2006 Subtype-specific patterns in HIV type 1 reverse transcriptase and protease in Oyo State, Nigeria: Implications for drug resistance and host responseAIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.  22:770-779. 2006
2005 Launching into the deep: the musings of a budding physician-scientistArchives of Ibadan Medicine.  6. 2005
2004 Correspondence [2] (multiple letters)Journal of Pediatric Surgery.  39:1446-1447. 2004
2002 Decline in the frequency of Burkitt's lymphoma relative to other childhood malignancies in Ibadan, NigeriaAnnals of Tropical Paediatrics.  22:159-163. 2002
2000 Improving the Medical CurriculumDOKITA.  27:23-28. 2000
1999 Congenital Heart DiseaseDOKITA.  26:49-54. 1999
1998 Paediatric Oncology I: Basic ConceptsDOKITA.  25:47-50. 1998
1997 Spero MelioraDOKITA.  24:viii-viii. 1997
1997 The Red EyeDOKITA.  24:1-8. 1997
1996 Serological Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E.DOKITA.  23:22-26. 1996
Paediatric Oncology II: Childhood Neoplasia in IbadanDOKITA.  25:50-55.


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2006 AIDS in Nigeria A Nation on the Threshold 2006


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2006 The Molecular Epidemiology of HIV..  67-92. 2006

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