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2023 CBX5 loss drives EGFR inhibitor resistance and results in therapeutically actionable vulnerabilities in lung cancer 2023
2023 Combinatorial targeting of immune checkpoints and epigenetic regulators for hepatocellular carcinoma therapyOncogene2023
2023 LIMK2 promotes melanoma tumor growth and metastasis through G3BP1-ESM1 pathway-mediated apoptosis inhibitionOncogene2023
2022 Transcriptional, chromatin, and metabolic landscapes of LDHA inhibitor–resistant pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaFrontiers in Oncology.  12. 2022
2022 Betacellulin promotes tumor development and EGFR mutant lung cancer growth by stimulating the EGFR pathway and suppressing apoptosisiScience.  25. 2022
2022 Transcriptional determinants of cancer immunotherapy response and resistanceTrends in Cancer.  8:404-415. 2022
2021 Epigenetic alterations and mechanisms that drive resistance to targeted cancer therapiesCancer Research.  81:5589-5595. 2021
2021 RNF2 ablation reprograms the tumor-immune microenvironment and stimulates durable NK and CD4+ T-cell-dependent antitumor immunity 2021
2021 EZH2 inhibits NK cell–mediated antitumor immunity by suppressing CXCL10 expression in an HDAC10-dependent manner 2021
2021 N-acylsphingosine amidohydrolase 1 promotes melanoma growth and metastasis by suppressing peroxisome biogenesis-induced ROS productionMolecular Metabolism.  48. 2021
2021 PSPH promotes melanoma growth and metastasis by metabolic deregulation-mediated transcriptional activation of NR4A1Oncogene.  40:2448-2462. 2021
2021 PON2 subverts metabolic gatekeeper functions in B cells to promote leukemogenesis 2021
2020 Transcriptional regulators and alterations that drive melanoma initiation and progressionOncogene.  39:7093-7105. 2020
2020 Combining PARP and DNA-PK Inhibitors With Irradiation Inhibits HPV-Negative Head and Neck Cancer Squamous Carcinoma GrowthFrontiers in Genetics.  11. 2020
2020 LIMK2 promotes the metastatic progression of triple-negative breast cancer by activating SRPK1 2020
2020 LIMK2 promotes the metastatic progression of triple-negative breast cancer by activating SRPK1Oncogenesis.  9. 2020
2020 KLF7 promotes pancreatic cancer growth and metastasis by up-regulating ISG expression and maintaining Golgi complex integrity 2020
2020 KLF7 Promotes Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Metastasis by Up-Regulating ISG Expression and Maintaining Golgi Complex Integrity 2020
2020 Measurement of natural killer cell-mediated cytotoxicity and migration in the context of hepatic tumor cellsJournal of Visualized Experiments.  2020. 2020
2019 Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase Confers Resistance to BRAF Kinase Inhibitors in MelanomaiScience.  16:453-467. 2019
2019 Glucose Metabolic Reprogramming and Cell Proliferation Arrest in Colorectal Micropapillary Carcinoma.Gastroenterology Research.  12:128-134. 2019
2019 Megaprimer polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based mutagenesisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2019:513-515. 2019
2019 Random scanning mutagenesisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2019:507-512. 2019
2019 Dot blot analysis for measuring global n6-methyladenosine modification of RNAMethods in Molecular Biology.  1870:263-271. 2019
2019 Loss of BOP1 confers resistance to BRAF kinase inhibitors in melanoma by activating MAP kinase pathway 2019
2019 Loss of thymidine kinase 1 inhibits lung cancer growth and metastatic attributes by reducing GDF15 expressionPLoS Genetics.  15. 2019
2019 Methods for in vitro mutagenesisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2019:749-755. 2019
2019 Multisite-directed mutagenesisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2019:756-759. 2019
2019 Oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis by elimination of a unique restriction site (USE mutagenesis)Cold Spring Harbor protocols.  2019:57-62. 2019
2019 Rna modification regulatory genes in DNA damageMethods in Molecular Biology.  1870:249-262. 2019
2019 Saturation mutagenesis by codon cassette insertionCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2019:63-69. 2019
2018 Heparan sulfate and Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans in cancer initiation and progressionFrontiers in Endocrinology.  9. 2018
2018 Altered β-lactamase selection approach for site-directed mutagenesisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2018:670-676. 2018
2018 Creating insertions or deletions using overlap extension polymerase chain reaction (PCR) mutagenesisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2018:663-669. 2018
2018 Epigenetic Mechanisms Dictating Eradication of Cancer by Natural Killer CellsTrends in Cancer.  4:553-566. 2018
2018 Loss of c-KIT expression in breast cancer correlates with malignant transformation of breast epithelium and is mediated by KIT gene promoter DNA hypermethylationExperimental and Molecular Pathology.  105:41-49. 2018
2018 Mechanisms of resistance to ezh2 inhibitors in diffuse large b-cell lymphomasBlood.  131:2125-2137. 2018
2018 In vitro mutagenesis using double-stranded DNA templates: Selection of mutants with DpniCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2018:231-238. 2018
2018 Random mutagenesis using error-prone DNA polymerasesCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2018:220-230. 2018
2018 Inhibition of Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) induces natural killer cell-mediated eradication of hepatocellular carcinoma cells 2018
2017 MELK Promotes Melanoma Growth by Stimulating the NF-κB PathwayCell Reports.  21:2829-2841. 2017
2017 Analysis of DNA methylation in mammalian cellsCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017:953-962. 2017
2017 High-throughput deep sequencing for mapping mammalian DNA methylationCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017:1027-1036. 2017
2017 Methyl-cytosine-based immunoprecipitation for DNA methylation analysisCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017:1023-1026. 2017
2017 Methylation-specific polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for gene-specific DNA methylation detectionCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017:1019-1022. 2017
2017 DNA Bisulfite Sequencing for Single-Nucleotide-Resolution DNA Methylation DetectionCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017. 2017
2017 Illumina Sequencing of Bisulfite-Converted DNA LibrariesCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017. 2017
2017 Genome-wide rna interference: functional genomics in the postgenomics EraCold Spring Harbor protocols.  2017:690-695. 2017
2017 Paraoxonase 2 Facilitates Pancreatic Cancer Growth and Metastasis by Stimulating GLUT1-Mediated Glucose TransportMolecular Cell.  67:685-701.e6. 2017
2017 Serine hydroxymethyl transferase 1 stimulates pro-oncogenic cytokine expression through sialic acid to promote ovarian cancer tumor growth and progressionOncogene.  36:4014-4024. 2017
2017 Large-scale RNA interference screening to identify transcriptional regulators of a tumor suppressor geneMethods in Molecular Biology.  1507:261-268. 2017
2017 Transcriptional analysis-based integrative genomics approach to identify tumor-promoting metabolic genesMethods in Molecular Biology.  1507:269-276. 2017
2016 Interferon alpha-inducible protein 6 regulates NRASQ61K-induced melanomagenesis and growtheLife.  5. 2016
2016 MARCH1 regulates insulin sensitivity by controlling cell surface insulin receptor levelsNature Communications.  7. 2016
2016 Oncogenic EGFR Represses the TET1 DNA Demethylase to Induce Silencing of Tumor Suppressors in Cancer CellsCell Reports.  16:457-471. 2016
2016 Oncogene-Directed Alterations in Cancer Cell MetabolismTrends in Cancer.  2:365-377. 2016
2016 Hypoxia induced HIF-1α expression promotes angiogenesis, tumor budding cell survival and cell proliferation arrest in high-grade tumor budding colorectal carcinomasInternational Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology.  9:13047-13055. 2016
2015 LKB1 preserves genome integrity by stimulating BRCA1 expressionNucleic Acids Research.  43:259-271. 2015
2014 TRIM37 is a new histone H2A ubiquitin ligase and breast cancer oncoproteinNature.  516:116-120. 2014
2014 A large-scale RNAi-based mouse tumorigenesis screen identifies new lung cancer tumor suppressors that repress FGFR signalingCancer Discovery.  4:1169-1181. 2014
2014 PTEN functions as a melanoma tumor suppressor by promoting host immune responseOncogene.  33:4632-4642. 2014
2014 Genetic and pharmacological reactivation of the mammalian inactive X chromosome 2014
2014 Silencing of the DNA Mismatch Repair Gene MLH1 Induced by Hypoxic Stress in a Pathway Dependent on the Histone Demethylase LSD1Cell Reports.  8:501-513. 2014
2014 miR-146a promotes the initiation and progression of melanoma by activating Notch signalingeLife.  2014. 2014
2014 miR-146a promotes the initiation and progression of melanoma by activating Notch signaling.eLife.  3:e01460. 2014
2014 PEA15 regulates the DNA damage-induced cell cycle checkpoint and oncogene-directed transformationMolecular and Cellular Biology.  34:2264-2282. 2014
2014 Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing to identify global alteration of DNA methylationMethods in Molecular Biology.  1176:23-31. 2014
2014 Reduced representation bisulfite sequencing to identify global alteration of DNA methylation.Methods in Molecular Biology.  1176:23-31. 2014
2014 Synergistic tumor suppression by combined inhibition of telomerase and CDKN1A 2014
2013 Oncogenic RAS directs silencing of tumor suppressor genes through ordered recruitment of transcriptional repressorsGenes and Development.  27:2221-2226. 2013
2013 Men1 is a melanoma tumor suppressor that preserves genomic integrity by stimulating transcription of genes that promote homologous recombination-directed dna repairMolecular and Cellular Biology.  33:2635-2647. 2013
2013 Genome-wide RNAi screening to identify regulators of oncogene-induced cellular senescenceMethods in Molecular Biology.  965:373-382. 2013
2013 Induction of cellular senescence by oncogenic RASMethods in Molecular Biology.  1048:127-133. 2013
2011 Genome-wide approaches for cancer gene discoveryTrends in Biotechnology.  29:558-568. 2011
2011 Induction of senescence in melanoma: Thinking outside the cellPigment Cell and Melanoma Research.  24:874-875. 2011
2010 Advances in genome-wide DNA methylation analysis 2010
2010 Redefining regulation of DNA methylation by RNA interferenceGenomics.  96:191-198. 2010
2010 Senescence induction in human fibroblasts and hematopoietic progenitors by leukemogenic fusion proteinsBlood.  115:5057-5060. 2010
2010 Oncogenic BRAF-positive dysplastic nevi and the tumor suppressor IGFBP7-challenging the concept of dysplastic nevi as precursor lesions?Human Pathology.  41:886-894. 2010
2010 Oncogenic BRAF and the tumor suppressor IGFBP7 in the genesis of atypical spitzoid nevomelanocytic proliferationsJournal of Cutaneous Pathology.  37:344-349. 2010
2010 Exploiting cellular senescence to treat cancer and circumvent drug resistanceCancer Biology and Therapy.  9:166-175. 2010
2010 BRAF V600E mutation and the tumour suppressor IGFBP7 in atypical genital naeviBritish Journal of Dermatology.  162:677-680. 2010
2010 Role for IGFBP7 in senescence induction by BRAFCell.  141:746-747. 2010
2009 Efficacy of IGFBP7 for treatment of metastatic melanoma and other cancers in mouse models and human cell linesMolecular Cancer Therapeutics.  8:3009-3014. 2009
2009 Epigenetic Silencing of the RASSF1A Tumor Suppressor Gene through HOXB3-Mediated Induction of DNMT3B ExpressionMolecular Cell.  36:219-230. 2009
2009 F-box protein FBXO31 mediates cyclin D1 degradation to induce G1 arrest after DNA damageNature.  459:722-725. 2009
2008 Oncogenic BRAF Induces Senescence and Apoptosis through Pathways Mediated by the Secreted Protein IGFBP7Cell.  132:363-374. 2008
2007 An elaborate pathway required for Ras-mediated epigenetic silencingNature.  449:1073-1077. 2007
2006 Apoptosis induction by activator protein 2α involves transcriptional repression of Bcl-2Journal of Biological Chemistry.  281:16207-16219. 2006
2005 Erratum: Activator protein 2α status determines the chemosensitivity of cancer cells: Implications in cancer chemotherapy (Cancer Research (October 1, 2005) 65 (8628-8634))Cancer Research.  65:11228. 2005
2005 Activator protein 2α status determines the chemosensitivity of cancer cells: Implications in cancer chemotherapyCancer Research.  65:8628-8634. 2005
2005 Role of p53 status in chemosensitivity determination of cancer cells against histone deacetylase inhibitor sodium butyrateInternational Journal of Cancer.  115:11-18. 2005
2004 Pharmacogenomics in breast cancer: Current trends and future directionsCurrent Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics.  6:296-301. 2004
2003 Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis Induction by Activator Protein 2α (AP-2α) and the Role of p53 and p21WAF1/CIP1 in AP-2α-mediated Growth InhibitionJournal of Biological Chemistry.  278:52093-52101. 2003
2003 Stress-induced changes in peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity of Sorghum bicolor seedlings 2003
2003 Analysis of gene promoter regulation by tumor suppressor genes.Methods in Molecular Biology.  223:101-116. 2003


Year Title Altmetric
2019 Preface.  Ed. 1870.  2019
2018 Epitranscriptomics Methods and Protocols 2018
2014 Preface.  Ed. 1176.  2014


Year Title Altmetric
2003 Analysis of Gene Promoter Regulation by Tumor Suppressor Genes.  101-116. 2003

Research Overview

  • Regulation of gene expression and signal transduction pathways is key for the survival of all living organisms, from bacteria to humans. My laboratory aims to understand key mechanisms involved in the regulation gene expression and signal transduction pathways in cancer. To this end, we are using unbiased functional genomics approaches and hypothesis-based research. Our long-term goal is to identify new cancer-specific vulnerability pathways that can be targeted to develop improved cancer treatments.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Human / Medical Genetics, Indian Institute of Science 2005
  • Full Name

  • Narendra Wajapeyee