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Year Title Altmetric
2023 Plant-Derived Bioactive Compounds in the Management of Neurodegenerative Disorders: Challenges, Future Directions and Molecular Mechanisms Involved in NeuroprotectionPharmaceutics.  15:749. 2023
2023 Prospective Epigenetic Actions of Organo-Sulfur Compounds against Cancer: Perspectives and Molecular MechanismsCancers.  15. 2023
2022 Editorial: Environment and Skin CancerFrontiers in Oncology.  12. 2022
2022 Type I Interferons Enhance the Repair of Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Regulate Cutaneous Immune SuppressionInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  23. 2022
2022 Phytocompounds from the Medicinal and Dietary Plants: Multi-target Agents for Cervical Cancer Prevention and TherapyCurrent Medicinal Chemistry.  29:4481-4506. 2022
2021 Hidradenitis suppurativa: pathogenesis, clinical presentation, epidemiology, and comorbid associationsInternational Journal of Dermatology.  60:e449-e458. 2021
2021 Toll-like receptor-4 antagonist enhances the repair of ultraviolet radiation-induced DNA damage and augments anti-tumor immune responses in miceCancers.  13. 2021
2021 Phenethyl Isothiocyanate Induces Apoptosis Through ROS Generation and Caspase-3 Activation in Cervical Cancer CellsFrontiers in Pharmacology.  12. 2021
2021 Regulatory T Cells Play an important role in the prevention of Murine Melanocytic Nevi and MelanomasCancer Prevention Research.  14:165-174. 2021
2021 IL-23 and the Tumor MicroenvironmentAdvances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.  1290:89-98. 2021
2021 Toll-like receptor-4 deficiency inhibits ultraviolet radiation-induced tumor development by modulation of immune and inflammatory responsesMolecular Carcinogenesis.  60:60-70. 2021
2020 Murine Skin Carcinogenesis and the Role of Immune System Dysregulation in the Tumorigenicity of 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate.Biomedicine Hub.  5:958-973. 2020
2020 The Cutaneous Manifestations Associated with COVID-19: A review. 2020
2019 KSRP modulates melanoma growth and efficacy of vemurafenib 2019
2019 A novel marine natural product derived pyrroloiminoquinone with potent activity against skin cancer cellsMarine Drugs.  17. 2019
2019 Protective Effect of Baicalin Against TLR4-mediated UVA-induced Skin InflammationPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  95:605-611. 2019
2019 Ultraviolet radiation, both UVA and UVB, influences the composition of the skin microbiomeExperimental Dermatology.  28:136-141. 2019
2018 Peptide-Functionalized Hydrogel Cubes for Active Tumor Cell TargetingBiomacromolecules.  19:4084-4097. 2018
2018 Cancer Therapy-Induced Cardiovascular Toxicity: Doxorubicin triggers splenic contraction and irreversible dysregulation of cox and lox that alters the inflammation-resolution program in the myocardium 2018
2018 Inhibition of interleukin-12 and/or interleukin-23 for the treatment of psoriasis: What is the evidence for an effect on malignancy?Experimental Dermatology.  27:737-747. 2018
2018 The skin microbiome and immune system: Potential target for chemoprevention? 2018
2017 Evidence for biochemical barrier restoration: Topical solenopsin analogs improve inflammation and acanthosis in the KC-Tie2 mouse model of psoriasisScientific Reports.  7. 2017
2017 Loss of INK4a/Arf gene enhances ultraviolet radiation-induced cutaneous tumor developmentExperimental Dermatology.  26:1018-1025. 2017
2017 Association of vitamin D receptor polymorphisms with the risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer in adultsJAMA Dermatology.  153:983-989. 2017
2017 An epigenome-wide association study of inflammatory response to fenofibrate in the Genetics of Lipid Lowering Drugs and Diet NetworkPharmacogenomics.  18:1333-1341. 2017
2017 Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced Downregulation of SERCA2 Mediates Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome in Basal Cell CarcinomaPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  93:1025-1033. 2017
2017 Proteomic Analysis and Functional Studies of Baicalin on Proteins Associated with Skin Cancer 2017
2016 A murine model for the development of melanocytic nevi and their progression to melanomaMolecular Carcinogenesis.  55:646-658. 2016
2015 Baicalin Protects Keratinocytes from Toll-like Receptor-4 Mediated DNA Damage and Inflammation Following Ultraviolet IrradiationPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  91:1435-1443. 2015
2015 P-selectin enhances growth and metastasis of mouse mammary tumors by promoting regulatory T cell infiltration into the tumorsLife Sciences.  131:11-18. 2015
2015 In vivo suppression of heat shock protein (HSP)27 and HSP70 accelerates DMBA-induced skin carcinogenesis by inducing antigenic unresponsiveness to the initiating carcinogenic chemicalJournal of Immunology.  194:4796-4803. 2015
2015 Erratum: Vitamin D and skin cancer (Photochemistry and Photobiology 91:1 (204) 10.1111/php.12382)Photochemistry and Photobiology.  91:766. 2015
2015 Interleukin-17 mediated inflammatory responses are required for ultraviolet radiation-induced immune suppressionPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  91:235-241. 2015
2015 Vitamin D and skin cancerPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  91:201-209. 2015
2014 Type i interferons: Key players in normal skin and select cutaneous malignanciesDermatology Research and Practice.  2014. 2014
2014 The effects of baicalin against UVA-induced photoaging in skin fibroblasts 2014
2014 Toll-like receptor mediated regulation of breast cancer: A case of mixed blessingsFrontiers in Immunology.  5. 2014
2014 Toll-like receptor-4 deficiency enhances repair of UVR-induced cutaneous DNA damage by nucleotide excision repair mechanismJournal of Investigative Dermatology.  134:1710-1717. 2014
2014 Toll-like receptors and skin cancerFrontiers in Immunology.  5. 2014
2013 Thymoquinone suppresses metastasis of melanoma cells by inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasomeToxicology and Applied Pharmacology.  270:70-76. 2013
2012 Biological properties of carbon powders synthesized using chemical vapour deposition and detonation methodsJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  12:9037-9046. 2012
2012 Tualang honey protects keratinocytes from ultraviolet radiation-induced inflammation and DNA damagePhotochemistry and Photobiology.  88:1198-1204. 2012
2012 IL-17 mediated inflammation promotes tumor growth and progression in the skinPLoS One.  7. 2012
2012 Cell mediated immune responses through TLR4 prevents DMBA-induced mammary carcinogenesis in miceInternational Journal of Cancer.  130:765-774. 2012
2012 Expression of toll-like receptors on breast tumors: taking a toll on tumor microenvironment.International Journal of Breast Cancer.  2012:716564. 2012
2011 The antiproliferative function of violacein-like purple violet pigment (PVP) from an Antarctic Janthinobacterium sp. Ant5-2 in UV-induced 2237 fibrosarcomaInternational Journal of Dermatology.  50:1223-1233. 2011
2011 Regulation of ultraviolet radiation induced cutaneous photoimmunosuppression by Toll-like receptor-4Molecular cell biology research communications : MCBRC.  508:171-177. 2011
2011 Differential roles of T-cell subsets in regulation of ultraviolet radiation induced cutaneous photocarcinogenesisPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  87:387-398. 2011
2010 IL-17 promotes tumor development through the induction of tumor promoting microenvironments at tumor sites and myeloid-derived suppressor cellsJournal of Immunology.  184:2281-2288. 2010
2009 IL-12 deficiency suppresses 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-induced skin tumor development in 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene-initiated mouse skin through inhibition of inflammationCarcinogenesis.  30:1970-1977. 2009
2009 Resveratrol enhances cell-mediated immune response to DMBA through TLR4 and prevents DMBA induced cutaneous carcinogenesisMolecular Carcinogenesis.  48:713-723. 2009
2009 Heat shock proteins HSP27 and HSP70 are present in the skin and are important mediators of allergic contact hypersensitivityJournal of Immunology.  182:675-683. 2009
2008 Antagonistic roles of CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells in 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene cutaneous carcinogenesisCancer Research.  68:3924-3930. 2008
2008 Protective role of Toll-like receptor 4 during the initiation stage of cutaneous chemical carcinogenesis (Cancer Research (2008) 68, (615-622))Cancer Research.  68:1609. 2008
2008 The immunosuppressive effects of phthalocyanine photodynamic therapy in mice are mediated by CD4+ and CD8+ T cells and can be adoptively transferred to naive recipientsPhotochemistry and Photobiology.  84:366-370. 2008
2008 Protective role of toll-like receptor 4 during the initiation stage of cutaneous chemical carcinogenesisCancer Research.  68:615-622. 2008
2007 Acquired and innate immunity to polyaromatic hydrocarbonsToxicology and Applied Pharmacology.  224:308-312. 2007
2007 Photoprotective effects of green tea polyphenols 2007
2006 Suppression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) and TNF-α mRNA expression in human monocytes by allicinFEBS Letters.  580:2517-2522. 2006
2004 Topical application of dimethylbenz[a]anthracene results in the generation of multiple melanocytic nevi in C3H/HeN miceToxicology and Applied Pharmacology.  195:355-360. 2004
2004 Proteomics reveals that proteins expressed during the early stage of Bacillus anthracis infection are potential targets for the development of vaccines and drugs. 2004
2003 Comparative proteomic profiling of murine skinJournal of Investigative Dermatology.  121:51-64. 2003


Year Title Altmetric
2022 Herbal medicines and skin disorders.  307-328. 2022
2017 UV and skin: Photocarcinogenesis.  67-103. 2017
2011 Systemic and topical use of green tea polyphenols for healthy skin.  71-83. 2011
2005 Photoprotection by green tea polyphenols.  639-656. 2005

Principal Investigator On

  • Mechanisms Elicited by Type I Interferons in Cutaneous Photocarcinogenesis  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Pharmacological Management of Ultraviolet Radiation Induced Skin Cancer  awarded by DOD - Department of Defense
  • Photodermatological Effects of Toll Like Receptor-4 (TLR4)  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Photoimmunological Effects of Toll like Receptor-4 (TLR4) in Skin  awarded by Dermatology Foundation
  • Regulation of Ultraviolet Radiation Induced Cutaneous Photo Damage and Nucleotide Excision Repair by Toll Like Receptor-4  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY
  • Regulation of Ultraviolet Radiation Induced DNA Damage and Repair by Toll Like Receptors  awarded by American Skin Association
  • Role of Trem1 in Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced Immune Suppression  awarded by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Role of p16/INK4a in Ultraviolet Radiation Induced Inflammation and Photocarcinogenesis  awarded by DOD - ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH ACQUISITION ACTIVITY
  • Role of p53 in Modulation of Toll Like Receptor Mediated UV Radiation Induced Cutaneous Responses  awarded by American Skin Association
  • The Role of STING Agonists in UVB-Induced DNA Damage  awarded by American Skin Association
  • Therapeutic Intervention of Melanoma  awarded by Melanoma Research Foundation
  • UAB Skin Disease Research Center - Role of The Innate Immune System in Regulation of UVB Induced Skin Carcinogenesis - P & F 14  awarded by National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases/NIH/DHHS
  • Teaching Activities

  • EPI605 - Epidem of Infectious Diseases (Spring Term 2020)
  • EPI698 - Directed Research (Spring Term 2020)
  • GBS747 - Special Topics (Spring Term 2014)
  • GBS774 - CANCER IMMUNOLOGY (Spring Term 2014)
  • GBS774 - CANCER IMMUNOLOGY (Spring Term 2017)
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  • Education And Training

  • Master of Science in Epidemiology, University of Alabama at Birmingham 2017
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry, 1999
  • Master of Science in Microbiology, Rani Durgavati University 1991
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology / Biological Sciences, Rani Durgavati University 1989
  • Full Name

  • Nabiha Yusuf