Selected Publications

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Year Title Altmetric
2021 Multi-Omics Analysis of Brain Metastasis Outcomes Following CraniotomyFrontiers in Oncology.  10. 2021
2021 Five- Versus Ten-Fraction Regimens of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Primary and Metastatic NSCLCClinical Lung Cancer.  22:e122-e131. 2021
2021 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for synchronous early stage non-small cell lung cancerActa Oncologica.  60:605-612. 2021
2020 Attenuating hypoxia driven malignant behavior in glioblastoma with a novel hypoxia-inducible factor 2 alpha inhibitorScientific Reports.  10. 2020
2020 Impact of brain metastasis velocity on neurologic death for brain metastasis patients experiencing distant brain failure after initial stereotactic radiosurgeryJournal of Neuro-Oncology.  146:285-292. 2020
2020 Multi-institutional validation of brain metastasis velocity, a recently defined predictor of outcomes following stereotactic radiosurgeryRadiotherapy and Oncology.  142:168-174. 2020
2020 Successful application of stereotactic radiosurgery for multiply recurrent Rathke’s cleft cystsJournal of Neurosurgery.  132:832-836. 2020
2019 CD138 plasma cells may predict brain metastasis recurrence following resection and stereotactic radiosurgeryScientific Reports.  9. 2019
2019 Limited-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer: Is Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation Necessary?Practical Radiation Oncology.  9:e599-e607. 2019
2019 Moderately Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Alone for Stage I-IIB Non-small Cell Lung Cancer.Cureus.  11:e4969. 2019
2019 Does Stereotactic Radiosurgery Have a Role in the Management of Patients Presenting with 4 or More Brain Metastases?Neurosurgery.  84:558-566. 2019
2019 Histiocytic Sarcoma Associated With Follicular Lymphoma: Evidence for Dramatic Response With Rituximab and Bendamustine Alone and a Review of the LiteratureClinical Lymphoma, Myeloma and Leukemia.  19:e1-e8. 2019
2019 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for an isolated splenic metastasis from ovarian carcinomaJournal of Radiosurgery and SBRT.  6:161-163. 2019
2018 Glioblastoma radiomics: can genomic and molecular characteristics correlate with imaging response patterns? 2018
2018 Hypoxia-inducible factor 2α: A novel target in gliomasFuture Medicinal Chemistry.  10:2227-2236. 2018
2018 Initial brain metastasis velocity: does the rate at which cancers first seed the brain affect outcomes?Journal of Neuro-Oncology.  139:461-467. 2018
2018 Impact of diabetes mellitus on outcomes in patients with brain metastasis treated with stereotactic radiosurgeryJournal of Radiosurgery and SBRT.  5:285-291. 2018
2016 Image guided radiation therapy may result in improved local control in locally advanced lung cancer patientsPractical Radiation Oncology.  6:e73-e80. 2016
2016 Is a Clinical Target Volume (CTV) Necessary in the Treatment of Lung Cancer in the Modern Era Combining 4-D Imaging and Image-guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)?Cureus.  8:e466. 2016
2014 Management of mediastinal relapse after treatment with stereotactic body radiotherapy or accelerated hypofractionated radiotherapy for stage I/II non-small-cell lung cancerJournal of Thoracic Oncology.  9:572-576. 2014
2014 Management of mediastinal relapse after treatment with stereotactic body radiotherapy or accelerated hypofractionated radiotherapy for stage I/II non-small-cell lung cancer.Journal of Thoracic Oncology.  9:572-576. 2014

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  • Doctor of Medicine, Wake Forest University 2014
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Biology / Biological Sciences, Davidson College 2010
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  • Michael Soike