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2022 Circadian Governance of Cardiac GrowthCells.  11. 2022
2022 Augmented Cardiac Growth Hormone Signaling Contributes to Cardiomyopathy Following Genetic Disruption of the Cardiomyocyte Circadian ClockFrontiers in Pharmacology.  13. 2022
2022 Circadian REV-ERBs repress E4bp4 to activate NAMPT-dependent NAD+ biosynthesis and sustain cardiac function. 2022
2021 Branched chain amino acids selectively promote cardiac growth at the end of the awake periodJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  157:31-44. 2021
2021 Impact of obesity on day-night differences in cardiac metabolism 2021
2021 Circadian rhythms in cardiac metabolic flexibility 2021
2020 Differential effects of REV-ERB/ agonism on cardiac gene expression, metabolism, and contractile function in a mouse model of circadian disruption 2020
2020 MitoQ regulates redox-related noncoding RNAs to preserve mitochondrial network integrity in pressure-overload heart failure 2020
2019 Glucose regulates protein turnover and growth-related mechanisms in rainbow trout myogenic precursor cells 2019
2018 Dietary methionine restriction: Effects on glucose tolerance, lipid content and micro-RNA composition in the muscle of rainbow trout 2018
2018 Physiological and molecular mechanisms of methionine restrictionFrontiers in Endocrinology.  9. 2018
2017 Distribution of H3K27me3, H3K9me3, and H3K4me3 along autophagy-related genes highly expressed in starved zebrafish myotubesBiology Open.  6:1720-1725. 2017
2017 MiR-210 expression is associated with methionine-induced differentiation of trout satellite cells 2017

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