Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021 A Bayesian approach for estimating age-adjusted rates for low-prevalence diseases over space and timeStatistics in Medicine.  40:2922-2938. 2021
2021 Displaying survival of patient groups defined by covariate paths: Extensions of the Kaplan-Meier estimatorStatistics in Medicine.  40:2024-2036. 2021
2021 Predicting an optimal composite outcome variable for Huntington's disease clinical trialsJournal of Applied Statistics.  48:1339-1348. 2021
2018 Multicentre validation of a sepsis prediction algorithm using only vital sign data in the emergency department, general ward and ICUBMJ Open.  8. 2018
2017 Cost and mortality impact of an algorithm-driven sepsis prediction systemJournal of Medical Economics.  20:646-651. 2017
2017 Using Transfer Learning for Improved Mortality Prediction in a Data-Scarce Hospital Setting.Biomedical Informatics Insights.  9:1178222617712994. 2017
2016 Using electronic health record collected clinical variables to predict medical intensive care unit mortalityAnnals of medicine and surgery (2012).  11:52-57. 2016
2016 A computational approach to mortality prediction of alcohol use disorder inpatientsComputers in Biology and Medicine.  75:74-79. 2016
2016 A computational approach to early sepsis detectionComputers in Biology and Medicine.  74:69-73. 2016
2016 Prediction of sepsis in the intensive care unit with minimal electronic health record data: A machine learning approachJMIR Medical Informatics.  4. 2016
2016 High-performance detection and early prediction of septic shock for alcohol-use disorder patientsAnnals of medicine and surgery (2012).  8:50-55. 2016
2015 Determining the top all-time college coaches through Markov chain-based rank aggregation 2015

Research Overview

  • Bayesian statistics, spatial statistics, disease mapping, mediation analysis, cancer epidemiology
  • Full Name

  • Melissa Smith