Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022 Important Advances in Pediatric Injury PreventionSouthern Medical Journal.  115:630-634. 2022
2022 Self-Reported Usage of Safety Equipment Provided Through a Community Partnership Approach to Injury Prevention in the Pediatric Emergency DepartmentPediatric Emergency Care.  38:E1391-E1395. 2022
2022 Utilization of Monitored Beds for Children Admitted with Unintentional PoisoningsPediatric Emergency Care.  38:121-125. 2022
2021 Unintentional Opioid Ingestions Presenting to a Pediatric Emergency DepartmentPediatric Emergency Care.  37:498-501. 2021
2021 Social Media Changes in Pediatric Residency Programs During COVID-19 PandemicAcademic Pediatrics.  21:1104-1107. 2021
2021 Storage of medications: A survey of families in the pediatric emergency departmentSouthern Medical Journal.  114:380-383. 2021
2021 Descriptive Epidemiology of Pediatric Drowning Patients Presenting to a Large Southern US Children's HospitalSouthern Medical Journal.  114:266-270. 2021
2021 Using a Resident-Led School Outreach Program to Improve Knowledge of All-Terrain Vehicle SafetySouthern Medical Journal.  114:106-110. 2021
2020 Child passenger safety education in the emergency department: Teen driving, car seats, booster seats, and moreInjury Epidemiology.  7. 2020
2020 Effect of lock boxes and education on safe storage of medicationsInjury Epidemiology.  7. 2020
2020 Effect of lock boxes and education on safe storage of medications.Injury Epidemiology.  7:21. 2020
2020 Evaluating teen driving knowledge and behaviors following educational outreachInjury Epidemiology.  7. 2020
2020 Characteristics of Pediatric Patients with Retained Bullet Fragments and Need for Follow-Up Blood Lead MonitoringSouthern Medical Journal.  113:23-28. 2020
2019 Teen Driving Education in a Pediatric Emergency Department: Effectiveness of a ToolkitSouthern Medical Journal.  112:562-565. 2019
2017 Programme directors' opinions on medical genetics education in pediatric residency programmesCurrent Opinion in Pediatrics.  29:619-621. 2017
2017 Risky Teen Driving in a Rural Southern StateSouthern Medical Journal.  110:343-346. 2017
2017 Pediatric Residents' perceptions of potential professionalism violations on social media: A US national surveyJMIR Medical Education.  3. 2017
2014 Knowledge and management of sports concussions among coaches and certified athletic trainers in AlabamaSouthern Medical Journal.  107:418-423. 2014
2014 Teen driving behaviors in a rural Southern stateSouthern Medical Journal.  107:735-738. 2014
2014 Trends in Alabama teen driving death and injuryJournal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  77. 2014
2012 Emergency department poisoning visits in children younger than 6 years: Comparing referrals by a regional poison control center to referrals by other sourcesPediatric Emergency Care.  28:1343-1347. 2012
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2000 Evaluation of emergency department referrals by telephone triage.Pediatrics.  105:819-821. 2000
2000 Evaluation of emergency department referrals by telephone triagePediatrics.  105:819-821. 2000
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1995 A comparison of cathartics in pediatric ingestionsPediatrics.  96:235-238. 1995
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1992 Albuterol overdose: A case report and differential diagnosisPediatric Emergency Care.  8:268-271. 1992
1992 Pulmonary aspiration of activated charcoal: A complication of its misuse in overdose managementPediatric Emergency Care.  8:137-140. 1992
1991 Radiological Case of the MonthAmerican journal of diseases of children (1960).  145:339-340. 1991

Education And Training

  • Children's Hospital Medical Center, Internship
  • Children's Hospital Medical Center, Residency
  • Children's Hospital Medical Center, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham 1985
  • Bachelor of Science or Mathematics in Chemistry, Auburn University 1981
  • Full Name

  • Michele Nichols