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Year Title Altmetric
2019 Kinetics mechanism and regulation of native human hepatic thymidine phosphorylase 2019
2018 Enzymes of pyrimidine salvage pathways in intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparum 2018
2018 Distinct substrate specificity and physicochemical characterization of native human hepatic thymidine phosphorylasePLoS One.  13. 2018
2017 Pyrimidine metabolism in schistosomes: A comparison with other parasites and the search for potential chemotherapeutic targets 2017
2015 Kinetic mechanism of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinase and the highly efficient utilization of adenosine 2015
2014 Isolation and substrate specificity of an adenine nucleoside phosphorylase from adult Schistosoma mansoniMolecular and Biochemical Parasitology.  194:44-47. 2014
2014 Nucleoside kinases in adult Schistosoma mansoni: Phosphorylation of pyrimidine nucleosidesMolecular and Biochemical Parasitology.  194:53-55. 2014
2013 Effect of mimetic CDK9 inhibitors on HIV-1-activated transcriptionJournal of Molecular Biology.  425:812-829. 2013
2012 Potent combination therapy for human breast tumors with high doses of 5-fluorouracil: Remission and lack of host toxicityCancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.  69:1449-1455. 2012
2010 Paracrine stimulation of endothelial cell motility and angiogenesis by platelet-derived deoxyribose-1-phosphate 2010
2010 Carbocyclic 6-benzylthioinosine analogues as subversive substrates of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinase: Biological activities and selective toxicitiesBiochemical Pharmacology.  80:955-963. 2010
2010 Structure-activity relationships of carbocyclic 6-benzylthioinosine analogues as subversive substrates of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinaseBioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry.  18:3403-3412. 2010
2008 7-Deaza-6-benzylthioinosine analogues as subversive substrate of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinase: Activities and selective toxicitiesBiochemical Pharmacology.  76:958-966. 2008
2008 Structure-activity relationships of 7-deaza-6-benzylthioinosine analogues as ligands of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinaseJournal of Medicinal Chemistry.  51:3934-3945. 2008
2008 Suppression of thymidine phosphorylase expression by promoter methylation in human cancer cells lacking enzyme activityCancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.  62:85-96. 2008
2008 Uridine protects cortical neurons from glucose deprivation-induced death: Possible role of uridine phosphorylaseJournal of Neurotrauma.  25:695-707. 2008
2007 Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling studies of N6-benzyladenosine analogues as potential anti-toxoplasma agentsBiochemical Pharmacology.  73:1558-1572. 2007
2007 Adenosine metabolism in Toxoplasma gondii: Potential targets for chemotherapyCurrent Pharmaceutical Design.  13:581-597. 2007
2007 Editorial: Potential targets for the rational design of antiparasitic drugsCurrent Pharmaceutical Design.  13:553-554. 2007
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2006 Modulation of 5-fluorouracil host-toxicity and chemotherapeutic efficacy against human colon tumors by 5-(phenylthio)acyclouridine, a uridine phosphorylase inhibitorCancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.  58:692-698. 2006
2006 Uridine prevents the glucose deprivation-induced death of immunostimulated astrocytes via the action of uridine phosphorylase.Neuroscience Research.  56:111-118. 2006
2006 Structure of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinase in complex with an ATP analog at 1.1 Å resolutionActa crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology.  62:140-145. 2006
2005 6-Benzylthioinosine analogues: Promising anti-toxoplasmic agents as inhibitors of the mammalian nucleoside transporter ENT1 (es)Biochemical Pharmacology.  71:69-73. 2005
2005 Structural basis for inhibition of Escherichia coli uridine phosphorylase by 5-substituted acyclouridinesActa crystallographica. Section D, Structural biology.  61:863-872. 2005
2005 5-(Phenylthio)acyclouridine: A powerful enhancer of oral uridine bioavailability: Relevance to chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil and other uridine rescue regimensCancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.  55:541-551. 2005
2005 6-Benzylthioinosine analogues as subversive substrate of Toxoplasma gondii adenosine kinase: Activities and selective toxicitiesBiochemical Pharmacology.  69:1409-1419. 2005
2004 Synthesis, Biological Activity and Molecular Modeling of 6-Benzylthioinosine Analogues as Subversive Substrates of Toxoplasma gondii Adenosine KinaseJournal of Medicinal Chemistry.  47:1987-1996. 2004
2003 Uptake of nitrobenzylthioinosine and purine β-L-nucleosides by intracellular Toxoplasma gondiiAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  47:3247-3251. 2003
2003 Potential chemotherapeutic targets in the purine metabolism of parasitesPharmacology and Therapeutics.  99:283-309. 2003
2001 Synthesis of carbocyclic orotidine analogs as potential orotidinedecarboxylase inhibitors 2001
2001 Antiviral activity and intracellular metabolism of bis(tButyISATE) phosphotriester of β-L-2′,3′dideoxyadenosine, a potent inhibitor of HIV and HBV replicationAntiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy.  12:99-108. 2001
2001 Enhancement of the bioavailability of oral uridine by coadministration of 5-(phenylthio)acyclouridine, a uridine phosphorylase inhibitor: Implications for uridine rescue regimens in chemotherapyCancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.  48:389-397. 2001
2001 Modulation of the pharmacokinetics of endogenous plasma uridine by 5-(phenylthio)acyclouridine, a uridine phosphorylase inhibitor: Implications for chemotherapyCancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology.  48:145-150. 2001
2000 5-Phenylthioacyclouridine: A potent and specific inhibitor of uridine phosphorylaseBiochemical Pharmacology.  60:851-856. 2000
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2000 Modulation of 5-fluorouracil host toxicity by 5- (benzyloxybenzyl)barbituric acid acyclonucleoside, a uridine phosphorylase inhibitor, and 2',3',5'-tri-O-acetyluridine, a prodrug of uridineBiochemical Pharmacology.  60:427-431. 2000
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1999 Metabolism and selective toxicity of 6-nitrobenzylthioinosine in Toxoplasma gondiiAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  43:2437-2443. 1999
1996 5-(m-Benzyloxybenzyl)barbituric acid acyclonucleoside, a uridine phosphorylase inhibitor, and 2′,3′,5′-tri-O-acetyluridine, a prodrug of uridine, as modulators of plasma uridine concentration: Implications for chemotherapyBiochemical Pharmacology.  51:1601-1611. 1996
1996 Effects of modifications in the pentose moiety and conformational changes on the binding of nucleoside ligands to uridine phosphorylase from Toxoplasma gondiiBiochemical Pharmacology.  51:1687-1700. 1996
1995 Structure-activity relationships for the binding of ligands to xanthine or guanine phosphoribosyltransferase from Toxoplasma gondiiBiochemical Pharmacology.  50:1685-1693. 1995
1995 Structure-activity relationship for the binding of nucleoside ligands to adenosine kinase from Toxoplasma gondiiBiochemical Pharmacology.  49:1501-1512. 1995
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1993 Synthesis of a new class of uridine phosphorylase inhibitors 1993
1992 Chemotherapy of schistosomiasis.Rhode Island medical journal.  75:212-216. 1992
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1989 Structure-activity relationship of ligands of dihydrouracil dehydrogenase from mouse liverBiochemical Pharmacology.  38:1471-1480. 1989
1989 Prevention for tubercidin host toxicity by nitrobenzylthioinosine 5'-monophosphate for the treatment of schistosomiasisAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.  33:824-827. 1989
1988 Synthesis of 5-benzyl and 5-benzyloxybenzyl 2,2'-anhydroudridines and related nucleoside analogs as inhibitors of uridine phosphorylase 1988
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1984 Enzymes of uridine 5′-monophosphate biosynthesis in Schistosoma mansoniMolecular and Biochemical Parasitology.  12:153-171. 1984
1984 Synthesis and Biological Activity of Hydroxymethyl Analogs of 5-Benzylacyclouridine and 5-Benzylckybenzyiacyclogridine 1984
1983 Combination therapy of schistosomiasis by tubercidin and nitrobenzylthioinosine 5'-monophosphate. 1983
1983 Structure-activity relationship of ligands of the pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylasesBiochemical Pharmacology.  32:399-415. 1983
1983 Combination therapy of schistosomiasis by tubercidin and nitrobenzylthioinosine 5'-monophosphate 1983
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1982 Isolation and partial characterization of a 5'-nucleotidase specific for orotidine-5'-monophosphate. 1982
1982 Isolation and partial characterization of a 5'-nucleotidase specific for orotidine-5'-monophosphate 1982
1982 New inhibitors of the pyrimidine nucleoside phosphorylases 1982
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1981 Benzyl acyclouridine, a new potent inhibitor of uridine phosphorylase 1981
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1974 Crossbreeding and the effect of certain environmental factors on body weights of Barki and German Merino sheep 1974


Year Title Altmetric
2002 Current Trends in Nucleoside Analogues as Anti HIV-Drugs.  581-593. 2002
2002 Purine Metabolism in Parasites: Potential Targets for Chemotherapy.  377-416. 2002
1992 Chemotherapy of Schistosomiasis.  212-216. 1992
1990 Novel Pharmacologic Approaches for the Treatment of AIDS and Potential Use of Uridine Phosphorylase Inhibitors.  63-73. 1990

Research Overview

  • Dr. el Kouni's laboratory is actively participating in wide range of studies, involving pyrimidine and purine metabolism and drug action. His research is in two major areas.

    The first is of studies on a detailed investigation of key enzymes of pyrimidine metabolism, mainly uridine phosphorylase and thymidine phosphorylase. His laboratory was responsible for detailed studies on these two enzymes and the development of a novel class of uridine phosphorylase inhibitors which have potentiative effects with clinically important antitumor (e.g. 5-fluorouracil and 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine) and anti-AIDS (e.g. AZT) agents. He has been awarded 4 patents for the composition and use of these inhibitors. One of these inhibitors is currently in Phase I clinical trials and a second in pre-clinical trials.

    The usefulness of uridine phosphorylase inhibitors designed by Dr. el Kouni's group has been established in the field of experimental chemotherapy of cancer and AIDS by various laboratories including his. These inhibitors were shown to enhance the efficacy of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine against human tumors in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, they were shown to elevate the concentration and prolong the half-life of uridine in the plasma, as well as increase the salvage of uridine by various tissues. Therefore, these inhibitors were used to protect against or rescue from host-toxicity of anticancer (i.e. 5-fluorouracil) and anti-HIV (i.e. AZT) drugs, the toxicities of which were shown to be antagonized by administration of exogenous uridine or similar nucleosides.

    In this respect, uridine phosphorylase inhibitors can substitute, totally or partially, for the "uridine rescue regimens" in treating cancer, viral, and other diseases. uridine phosphorylase inhibitors alone or in combination with low concentrations of uridine can maintain adequate uridine concentration for a long enough time to rescue selectively the normal or uninfected cells from drug toxicity, without having to suffer from the toxic side effects (e.g. phlebitis, pyrogenic reactions, changes in body temperature and diarrhea) observed with the high concentration of uridine required to achieve the rescuing or protective effects in the absence of the inhibitor. The use of uridine phosphorylase inhibitors in manipulating uridine pool is not limited to the treatment of cancer or AIDS but can also be extended to treat other pathological and physiological disorders, where administration of uridine has been shown to be useful. Such disorders are quite numerous and include CNS disorders (e.g., cerebrovascular disorders, convulsions, etc.), sleep promotion, muscle performance, liver disease, cardiac damage, etc.

    Dr. el Kouni's laboratory has also established the existence of circadian rhythm in several enzymes of pyrimidine metabolism, including uridine phosphorylase. The circadian rhythm of uridine phosphorylase was the opposite of that of plasma uridine levels and toxicity of 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine. These results emphasize the importance of the time of administration of this important anti-cancer drug.

    The other major area of Dr. el Kouni's research is application of his knowledge of purine and pyrimidine metabolism to the development of new therapeutic approaches for the treatment of schistosomiasis, toxoplasmosis and other parasitic diseases. Schistosomiasis ranks second behind malaria in prevalence as a human disease as it afflicts 200 million people in many parts of the world. Toxoplasmosis is the most commonly recognized of opportunistic infection of the CNS in immunocompromised patients such as those suffering from AIDS. Dr. el Kouni is currently directing a systematic study of purine and pyrimidine metabolism in Toxoplasma gondii with the objective of identifying differences from mammalian metabolism that may be exploited for new chemotherapeutic approaches.
  • Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy Level Degree in Genetics, University of Alberta 1977
  • Master of Pharmacy in Clinical, Hospital, and Managed Care Pharmacy, Alexandria University 1968
  • Full Name

  • Mahmoud H. H. el Kouni
  • Fax

  • 205-934-8240