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2021 Data from emergency medicine palliative care access (EMPallA): a randomized controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of specialty outpatient versus telephonic palliative care of older adults with advanced illness presenting to the emergency departmentBMC Emergency Medicine.  21. 2021
2021 Comparison of fluid resuscitation weight-based dosing strategies in obese patients with severe sepsisAmerican Journal of Emergency Medicine.  49:268-272. 2021
2021 Ultra-early serum concentrations of neuronal and astroglial biomarkers predict poor neurological outcome after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest-a pilot neuroprognostic study.Resuscitation Plus.  7:100133. 2021
2021 A cross-sectional cohort study of prevalence of antibodies to COVID-19 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2021
2021 The ARREST Pneumonia clinical trial: Rationale and designAnnals of the American Thoracic Society.  18:698-708. 2021
2021 Baricitinib plus remdesivir for hospitalized adults with Covid-19New England Journal of Medicine.  384:795-807. 2021
2021 Effectiveness and Reach of the Primary Palliative Care for Emergency Medicine (PRIM-ER) Pilot Study: a Qualitative AnalysisJournal of General Internal Medicine.  36:296-304. 2021
2020 Proceedings from the Neurotherapeutics Symposium on Neurological Emergencies: Shaping the Future of Neurocritical CareNeurocritical Care.  33:636-645. 2020
2020 Boarding of Critically Ill Patients in the Emergency DepartmentCritical Care Medicine.  48:1180-1187. 2020
2020 Boarding of critically Ill patients in the emergency department.Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open.  1:423-431. 2020
2020 Design and implementation of a clinical decision support tool for primary palliative Care for Emergency Medicine (PRIM-ER)BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.  20. 2020
2019 External Validation of the qSOFA Score in Emergency Department Patients With PneumoniaJournal of Emergency Medicine.  57:755-764. 2019
2019 Anti-influenza immune plasma for the treatment of patients with severe influenza A: a randomised, double-blind, phase 3 trial 2019
2019 119Critical Care Medicine.  47:42. 2019
2018 Development of a personalized diagnostic model for kidney stone disease tailored to acute care by integrating large clinical, demographics and laboratory data: The diagnostic acute care algorithm - Kidney stones (DACA-KS)BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.  18. 2018
2018 Corrigendum to “Remote management of low- to intermediate-risk chest pain: a case series” (The American Journal of Emergency Medicine (2017) 35(8) (1147–1149)(S0735675717301183)(10.1016/j.ajem.2017.02.029)American Journal of Emergency Medicine.  36:339. 2018
2017 Oseltamivir, amantadine, and ribavirin combination antiviral therapy versus oseltamivir monotherapy for the treatment of influenza: a multicentre, double-blind, randomised phase 2 trialLancet Infectious Diseases.  17:1255-1265. 2017
2017 Remote management of low to intermediate risk chest pain: A case seriesAmerican Journal of Emergency Medicine.  35:1147-1149. 2017
2017 Immune plasma for the treatment of severe influenza: an open-label, multicentre, phase 2 randomised study 2017
2016 The incidence and significance of acute kidney injury following emergent contrast administration in patients with STEMI and strokeInternal and Emergency Medicine.  11:853-857. 2016
2016 Trauma Simulation Training Increases Confidence Levels in Prehospital Personnel Performing Life-Saving Interventions in Trauma Patients.Emergency Medicine International.  2016:5437490. 2016
2015 An outbreak of acute delirium from exposure to the synthetic cannabinoid AB-CHMINACAClinical Toxicology.  53:950-956. 2015
2015 Palliative Care Symptom ManagementCritical Care Nursing Clinics of North America.  27:315-339. 2015
2015 Evaluation of healthcare use trends of high-risk female intimate partner violence victimsWestern Journal of Emergency Medicine.  16:107-113. 2015
2014 360 Emergency Physician Communication and Do Not Resuscitate Entry at the End of LifeAnnals of Emergency Medicine.  64:s127. 2014
2013 Emergency department crowding and time to antibiotic administration in febrile infantsWestern Journal of Emergency Medicine.  14:518-524. 2013
2013 TBI surveillance using the common data elements for traumatic brain injury: A population studyInternational Journal of Emergency Medicine.  6. 2013
2013 Contemporary ventilator management in patients with and at risk of ALI/ARDS 2013
2013 Mesenteric infarction due to iatrogenic polycythemia.World journal of emergency medicine.  4:232-234. 2013
2012 Prehospital amiodarone may increase the incidence of acute respiratory distress syndrome among patients at riskJournal of Critical Care.  27:447-453. 2012
2012 Lung injury prediction score for the emergency department: First step towards prevention in patients at riskInternational Journal of Emergency Medicine.  5. 2012
2012 Towards prevention of acute lung injury: Frequency and outcomes of emergency department patients at-risk - A multicenter cohort studyInternational Journal of Emergency Medicine.  5. 2012
2010 142: Lactate as a Predictor of Admission In Emergency Department Pediatric SepsisAnnals of Emergency Medicine.  56:s47-s48. 2010
2010 442: Do Emergency Physicians Appropriately Select Patients for CT to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolus?Annals of Emergency Medicine.  56:s143. 2010
2010 77: Early Application of a Novel Ventilator Strategy: APRV In Acute Respiratory Distress SyndromeAnnals of Emergency Medicine.  56:s26. 2010
2010 Prevalence and characteristics of staphylococcus aureus colonization among healthcare professionals in an urban teaching hospitalInfection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.  31:574-580. 2010
2006 Blunt cardiac injuryMount Sinai Journal of Medicine.  73:542-552. 2006
1997 Maternal serum vitamin A levels are not associated with mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1 in the United States 1997

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