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2021 Adiposity, reproductive and metabolic health, and activity levels in zoo Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) 2021
2021 Repair and remodeling of partial-weightbearing, uninstrumented long bone fracture model in mice treated with low intensity vibration therapyClinical Biomechanics.  81. 2021
2019 Fat mass compared to four body condition scoring systems in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)Zoo Biology.  38:424-433. 2019
2018 No Significant Effect of Maternal Perception of the Food Environment on Reproductive Success or Pup Outcomes in C57BL/6J MiceObesity.  26:723-729. 2018
2018 Erratum to: Adiposity and Reproductive Cycling Status in Zoo African Elephants: Elephant Body Composition and Cyclicity Status (Obesity, (2018), 26, 1, (103-110), 10.1002/oby.22046)Obesity.  26:621. 2018
2018 Adiposity and Reproductive Cycling Status in Zoo African ElephantsObesity.  26:103-110. 2018
2017 Validation of Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry to Predict Body Composition of Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatusJournal of the World Aquaculture Society.  48:122-131. 2017
2016 Validation of Body Condition Indices and Quantitative Magnetic Resonance in Estimating Body Composition in a Small LizardJournal of Experimental Zoology. Part a, Ecological and Integrative Physiology.  325:588-597. 2016
2016 Increased trabecular bone and improved biomechanics in an osteocalcin-null rat model created by CRISPR/Cas9 technologyDisease Models and Mechanisms.  9:1169-1179. 2016
2015 Second-hand eating? maternal perception of the food environment affects reproductive investment in miceObesity.  23:927-930. 2015
2014 Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase 1b Deficiency Protects Mice from Diet-Induced Insulin Resistance.Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism.  5:361. 2014
2013 Effects of risperidone on energy balance in female C57BL/6J miceObesity.  21:1850-1857. 2013
2010 Mild calorie restriction induces fat accumulation in female C57BL/6J miceObesity.  18:456-462. 2010
2009 Validation of quantitative magnetic resonance (QMR) for determination of body composition in rats.International Journal of Body Composition Research.  7:99-107. 2009
2009 Clinical device-related article micro-computed tomographic analysis of bone healing subsequent to graft placementJournal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials.  88:611-618. 2009
2009 Precision and accuracy of bioimpedance spectroscopy for determination of in vivo body composition in rats.International Journal of Body Composition Research.  7:21-26. 2009
2009 Validation of quantitative magnetic resonance for the determination of body composition of mice.International Journal of Body Composition Research.  7:67-72. 2009
2008 Effect of exercise and calorie restriction on biomarkers of aging in mice 2008
2007 Effect of dairy supplementation on body composition and insulin resistance in miceNutrition.  23:836-843. 2007
2007 Cancer progression in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate mouse is related to energy balance, body mass, and body composition, but not food intakeCancer Research.  67:417-424. 2007
2005 Comparison of software versions for body composition analysis using the PIXImus dual-energy X-ray absorptiometer.International Journal of Body Composition Research.  3:69-72. 2005
2004 Uncoupled and surviving: Individual mice with high metabolism have greater mitochondrial uncoupling and live longerAging Cell.  3:87-95. 2004
2004 Measurement of Body and Liver Fat in Small Animals Using Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography.International Journal of Body Composition Research.  1:155-160. 2004
2004 Weight change affects serum leptin and corticosterone in the collared lemmingGeneral and Comparative Endocrinology.  136:30-36. 2004
2003 Limits to sustained energy intake. VIII. Resting metabolic rate and organ morphology of laboratory mice lactating at thermoneutrality 2003
2002 Insulin sensitivity and blood pressure in black and white childrenHypertension.  40:18-22. 2002
2002 Development of a prediction equation for insulin sensitivity from anthropometry and fasting insulin in prepubertal and early pubertal childrenDiabetes reviews (Alexandria, Va.).  25:1203-1210. 2002
2002 Effect of changes in fat distribution on the rates of change of insulin response in childrenObesity.  10:978-984. 2002
2001 IV. Effect of variation in food quality on lactating mice Mus musculus 2001
2001 Limits to sustained energy intake. I. Lactation in the laboratory mouse Mus musculus 2001
2001 Limits to sustained energy intake. II. Inter-relationships between resting metabolic rate, life-history traits and morphology in Mus musculus 2001
2001 Limits to sustained energy intake. III. Effects of concurrent pregnancy and lactation in Mus musculus 2001
2001 V. Effect of cold-exposure during lactation in Mus musculus 2001
2001 Longitudinal changes in body fat in African American and Caucasian children: Influence of fasting insulin and insulin sensitivityJournal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.  86:3182-3187. 2001
2001 Effects of low birth weight on insulin resistance syndrome in Caucasian and African-American childrenDiabetes reviews (Alexandria, Va.).  24:2035-2042. 2001
2001 Growth of visceral fat, subcutaneous abdominal fat, and total body fat in childrenObesity.  9:283-289. 2001
2001 Influence of leptin on changes in body fat during growth in African American and white childrenObesity.  9:593-598. 2001
2000 Aerobic fitness, not energy expenditure, influences subsequent increase in adiposity in black and white children.Pediatrics.  106. 2000


Year Title Altmetric
2005 Animal body composition methods.  141-150. 2005
2002 Impact of energy expenditure, physical activity and insulin action and secretion on changes in body composition and fat distribution during growth.  341-346. 2002
2000 Relationships between Resting Metabolic Rate and Morphology in Lactating Mice: What Tissues are the Major Contributors to Resting Metabolism?.  479-486. 2000

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  • Doctor of Philosophy in Zoology / Animal Biology, University of Aberdeen 2001
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  • Maria Johnson