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2013 Distribution of CO2 in Saturn's atmosphere from Cassini/Cirs infrared observations 2013
2012 Charging of dust grains in astrophysical environments by secondary electron emissions 2012
2010 Lunar dust grain charging by electron impact: Complex role of secondary electron emissions in space environments 2010
2010 D/H ratio of titan from observations of the CASSINI/composite infrared spectrometer 2010
2007 The composition of Titan's stratosphere from Cassini/CIRS mid-infrared spectraIcarus.  189:35-62. 2007
2007 Lunar dust charging by photoelectric emissionsPlanetary and Space Science.  55:953-965. 2007
2007 Meridional variations of C2H2 and C2H6 in Jupiter's atmosphere from Cassini CIRS infrared spectraIcarus.  188:47-71. 2007
2006 Photoelectric emission measurements on the analogs of individual cosmic dust grains 2006
2005 Titan's atmospheric temperatures, winds, and compositionScience.  308:975-978. 2005
2005 Temperatures, winds, and composition in the Saturnian systemScience.  307:1247-1251. 2005
2005 Exploring the Saturn system in the thermal infrared: The composite infrared spectrometerSpace Science Reviews.  115:169-297. 2005
2004 Laboratory experiments on rotation and alignment of the analogs of interstellar dust grains by radiation 2004
2004 Jupiter's atmospheric composition from the Cassini thermal infrared spectroscopy expirementScience.  305:1582-1586. 2004
2004 The nitrogen isotopic ratio in Jupiter's atmosphere from observations by the composite infrared spectrometer on the Cassini spacecraft 2004
2004 An intense stratospheric jet on JupiterNature.  427:132-135. 2004
2003 Radiation pressure measurements on micron-size individual dust grainsJournal of Geophysical Research.  108. 2003
2001 Electrodynamic balance for studies of cosmic dust particles 2001
1996 A comparison of measurements from ATMOS and instruments aboard the ER-2 aircraft: Halogenated gasesGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2393-2396. 1996
1996 A comparison of measurements from ATMOS and instruments aboard the ER-2 aircraft: Tracers of atmospheric transportGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2389-2392. 1996
1996 ATMOS measurements of H2O+2CH4 and total reactive nitrogen in the November 1994 Antarctic stratosphere: Dehydration and denitrification in the vortexGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2397-2400. 1996
1996 ATMOS/ATLAS-3 measurements of stratospheric chlorine and reactive nitrogen partitioning inside and outside the November 1994 Antarctic vortexGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2365-2368. 1996
1996 ATMOS/ATLAS-3 observations of long-lived tracers and descent in the Antarctic vortex in November 1994Geophysical Research Letters.  23:2341-2344. 1996
1996 On the assessment and uncertainty of atmospheric trace gas burden measurements with high resolution infrared solar occultation spectra from space by the ATMOS experimentGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2337-2340. 1996
1996 Seasonal variations of water vapor in the lower stratosphere inferred from ATMOS/ATLAS-3 measurements of H2O and CH4Geophysical Research Letters.  23:2401-2404. 1996
1996 Stratospheric NO and NO2 abundances from ATMOS solar-occultation measurementsGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2373-2376. 1996
1996 Stratospheric chlorine partitioning: Constraints from shuttle-borne measurements of [HCl], [ClNO3], and [ClO]Geophysical Research Letters.  23:2361-2364. 1996
1996 Stratospheric observations of CH3D and HDO from ATMOS infrared solar spectra: Enrichments of deuterium in methane and implications for HDGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2381-2384. 1996
1996 The 1994 northern midlatitude budget of stratospheric chlorine derived from ATMOS/ATLAS-3 observationsGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2357-2360. 1996
1996 The Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy (ATMOS) experiment: Deployment on the ATLAS Space Shuttle missionsGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2333-2336. 1996
1996 The hydrogen budget of the stratosphere inferred from ATMOS measurements of H2O and CH4Geophysical Research Letters.  23:2405-2408. 1996
1996 Trace gas transport in the Arctic vortex inferred from ATMOS ATLAS-2 observations during April 1993Geophysical Research Letters.  23:2345-2348. 1996
1996 Trends of OCS, HCN, SF6, CHClF2 (HCFC-22) in the lower stratosphere from 1985 and 1994 Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy experiment measurements near 30°N latitudeGeophysical Research Letters.  23:2349-2352. 1996
1992 Stratospheric minor constituent distributions from far-infrared thermal emission spectraJournal of Geophysical Research.  97. 1992
1991 Nighttime reactive nitrogen measurements from stratospheric infrared thermal emission observationsJournal of Geophysical Research.  96. 1991
1989 Stratospheric H218O distribution from far infrared observationsGeophysical Research Letters.  16:1277-1280. 1989
1988 Far‐infrared measurement of stratospheric carbon monoxideGeophysical Research Letters.  15:140-143. 1988
1988 Measurement of nighttime stratospheric N2O5 from infrared emission spectraGeophysical Research Letters.  15:1177-1180. 1988
1987 Atmospheric infrared emission of ClONO2 observed by a balloon-borne Fourier spectrometerJournal of Geophysical Research.  92:14806-14814. 1987
1987 Infrared spectroscopy of the lower stratosphere with a balloon-borne cryogenic fourier spectrometerApplied Optics.  26:545-553. 1987
1987 Measurement of stratospheric trace constituent distributions from balloon-borne far infrared observationsAdvances in Space Research.  7:137-140. 1987
1987 Simultaneous measurement of stratospheric O3, H2O, CH4, and N2O profiles from infrared limb thermal emissionsJournal of Geophysical Research.  92:8343-8353. 1987
1987 Stratospheric O3, H2O, and HDO distributions from balloon-based far-infrared observationsJournal of Geophysical Research.  92:8354-8364. 1987
1987 Stratospheric distribution of HCN from far infrared observationsGeophysical Research Letters.  14:531-534. 1987
1984 Far infrared remote sounding of stratospheric temperature and trace gas distributionsJournal of Atmospheric Chemistry.  2:145-161. 1984
1984 Method for correction of errors in observation angles for limb thermal emission measurementsApplied Optics.  23:1862-1866. 1984
1981 Inversion technique for IR heterodyne sounding of stratospheric constituents from space platformsApplied Optics.  20:3755-3762. 1981
1980 A differential inversion method for high resolution atmospheric remote sensing. 1980
1978 Stratospheric ozone measurement with an infrared Heterodyne spectrometerGeophysical Research Letters.  5:317-320. 1978
1976 Infrared upconversion for astronomical applicationsApplied Optics.  15:961-970. 1976
1976 Sensitivity limits of an infrared heterodyne spectrometer for astrophysical applicationsApplied Optics.  15:427-436. 1976
1976 Sensitivity of an astronomical infrared heterodyne spectrometerInfrared Physics and Technology.  16:61-64. 1976
1976 Upconversion spectrometry for astrophysical applicationsInfrared Physics and Technology.  16:55-59. 1976

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