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2019 Prenatal epigenetics diets play protective roles against environmental pollutionClinical Epigenetics.  11. 2019
2018 Temporal efficacy of a sulforaphane-based broccoli sprout diet in prevention of breas cancer through modulation of epigenetic mechanismsCancer Prevention Research.  11:451-464. 2018
2018 The effects of combinatorial genistein and sulforaphane in breast tumor inhibition: Role in epigenetic regulationInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences.  19. 2018
2016 Age-related epigenetic drift and phenotypic plasticity loss: Implications in prevention of age-related human diseasesEpigenomics.  8:1637-1651. 2016
2016 Combinatorial epigenetic mechanisms and efficacy of early breast cancer inhibition by nutritive botanicalsEpigenomics.  8:1019-1037. 2016
2014 Impact of epigenetic dietary compounds on transgenerational prevention of human diseases 2014
2013 Epigallocatechin gallate and sulforaphane combination treatment induce apoptosis in paclitaxel-resistant ovarian cancer cells through hTERT and Bcl-2 down-regulationExperimental Cell Research.  319:697-706. 2013
2013 Analysis of biomarkers of caloric restriction in aging cellsMethods in Molecular Biology.  1048:19-29. 2013
2013 Enhancement of cisplatin-mediated apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells through potentiating G2/M arrest and p21 upregulation by combinatorial epigallocatechin gallate and sulforaphaneJournal of Oncology2013
2012 Epigenetic food: a new approach for cancer prevention and therapy.J. of Nutrition & Food Sciences.  1000E. 2012
2012 Potential of resveratrol in inhibiting cancer and slowing aging.J. of Nutrition & Food Sciences.  S5001. 2012
2011 Epigenetic regulation of caloric restriction in agingBMC Medicine.  9. 2011
2011 Insufficient DNA methylation affects healthy aging and promotes age-related health problemsClinical Epigenetics.  2:349-360. 2011
2011 2D difference gel electrophoresis analysis of different time points during the course of neoplastic transformation of human mammary epithelial cellsJournal of Proteome Research.  10:447-458. 2011
2011 A novel tumor suppressor gene ECRG4 interacts directly with TMPRSS11A (ECRG1) to inhibit cancer cell growth in esophageal carcinomaBMC Cancer.  11. 2011
2010 Impact on DNA methylation in cancer prevention and therapy by bioactive dietary componentsCurrent Medicinal Chemistry.  17:2141-2151. 2010
2009 Genistein depletes telomerase activity through cross-talk between genetic and epigenetic mechanismsInternational Journal of Cancer.  125:286-296. 2009
2008 Gene-environment interactions and epigenetic basis of human diseasesCurrent Issues in Molecular Biology.  10:25-36. 2008
2007 ECRG2 inhibits cancer cell migration, invasion and metastasis through the down-regulation of uPA/plasmin activity.Carcinogenesis.  28:2274-2281. 2007
2006 Identification of a novel polymorphism Arg290Gln of esophageal cancer related gene 1 ( ECRG1 ) and its related risk to esophageal squamous cell carcinomaCarcinogenesis.  27:798-802. 2006
2005 Monoclonal antibodies to esophageal cancer-related gene2 proteinHybridoma.  24:86-91. 2005


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Transgenerational epigenetic regulation by environmental factors in human diseases.  209-222. 2015
2010 Dietary effect on epigenetics during the aging process.  407-416. 2010

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  • Yuanyuan Li