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2022 Red blood cell exosome hemoglobin content increases after cardiopulmonary bypass and mediates acute kidney injury in an animal modelJournal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.  164:e289-e308. 2022
2022 IL-4 receptor blockade is a global repressor of naïve B cell development and responses in a dupilumab-treated patientClinical Immunology.  244. 2022
2022 Interstitial Collagen Loss, Myocardial Remodeling, and Function in Primary Mitral RegurgitationJACC: Basic to Translational Science.  7:973-981. 2022
2022 Racial Differences in XO (Xanthine Oxidase) and Mitochondrial DNA Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns in Resistant HypertensionHypertension.  79:775-784. 2022
2022 Diastolic function: Modeling left ventricular untwisting as a damped harmonic oscillatorPhysiological Measurement.  43. 2022
2022 Plasma Exosome Hemoglobin Released During Surgery Is Associated With Cardiac Injury in Animal ModelAnnals of Thoracic Surgery2022
2020 Circulating and tissue biomarkers as predictors of bromine gas inhalationAnnals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  1480:104-115. 2020
2020 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, COVID-19, and the Renin-Angiotensin System: Pressing Needs and Best Research PracticesHypertension.  76:1350-1367. 2020
2020 DOCK3 is a dosage-sensitive regulator of skeletal muscle and Duchenne muscular dystrophy-associated pathologiesHuman Molecular Genetics.  29:2855-2871. 2020
2020 Reductive Stress Causes Pathological Cardiac Remodeling and Diastolic DysfunctionAntioxidants and Redox Signaling.  32:1293-1312. 2020
2020 Reduced Left Atrial Emptying Fraction and Chymase Activation in Pathophysiology of Primary Mitral RegurgitationJACC: Basic to Translational Science.  5:109-122. 2020
2020 Noncanonical Mechanisms for Direct Bone Marrow Generating Ang II (Angiotensin II) Predominate in CD68 Positive Myeloid Lineage CellsHypertension.  500-509. 2020
2019 Angiotensin-(1–12)/chymase axis modulates cardiomyocyte L-type calcium currents in rats expressing human angiotensinogenInternational Journal of Cardiology.  297:104-110. 2019
2019 Activation of the Human Angiotensin-(1-12)-Chymase Pathway in Rats With Human Angiotensinogen Gene TranscriptsFrontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine.  6. 2019
2019 Intracardiac administration of neutrophil protease cathepsin G activates noncanonical inflammasome pathway and promotes inflammation and pathological remodeling in non-injured heartJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  134:29-39. 2019
2019 Chymase uptake by cardiomyocytes results in myosin degradation in cardiac volume overloadVaccine Reports.  5. 2019
2019 Plasma xanthine oxidase activity is related to increased sodium and left ventricular hypertrophy in resistant hypertensionFree Radical Biology and Medicine.  134:343-349. 2019
2019 Bromine inhalation mimics ischemia-reperfusion Cardiomyocyte injury and Calpain activation in rats 2019
2019 Primary endothelial-specific regulation of hypoxiainducible factor (HIF)-1 and HIF-2 and their target gene expression profiles during hypoxia 2019
2018 AKT-independent activation of p38 MAP kinase promotes vascular calcificationRedox Biology.  16:97-103. 2018
2018 Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Coronary Artery Disease (from the Million Veteran Program)American Journal of Cardiology.  121:1162-1168. 2018
2018 DASH score and subsequent risk of coronary artery disease: The findings from million veteran programJournal of the American Heart Association.  7. 2018
2018 Left ventricular torsion shear angle volume approach for noninvasive evaluation of diastolic dysfunction in preserved ejection fractionJournal of the American Heart Association.  7. 2018
2018 Multifunctional role of chymase in acute and chronic tissue injury and remodelingCirculation Research.  122:319-336. 2018
2017 Increased Inflammation in Pericardial Fluid Persists 48 Hours after Cardiac SurgeryCirculation.  136:2284-2286. 2017
2017 Randomized, four-arm, dose-response clinical trial to optimize resistance exercise training for older adults with age-related muscle atrophyExperimental Gerontology.  99:98-109. 2017
2017 Reducing sarcolipin expression mitigates Duchenne muscular dystrophy and associated cardiomyopathy in miceNature Communications.  8. 2017
2017 Dietary potassium regulates vascular calcification and arterial stiffnessJCI Insight.  2. 2017
2017 Mechanisms and Treatment of Halogen Inhalation-Induced Pulmonary and Systemic Injuries in Pregnant MiceHypertension.  70:390-400. 2017
2017 Impact of VA Research on Health Care for All: Contributions over Nine Decades and CountingCirculation Research.  121:16-18. 2017
2017 Novel paradigms of salt and hypertensionJournal of the American Society of Nephrology.  28:1362-1369. 2017
2017 Estimation of Left Ventricular Motion from Cardiac Gated Tagged MRI Using an Image-Matching Deformable Mesh ModelIEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences.  1:147-157. 2017
2017 Novel Cardiac Intracrine Mechanisms Based on Ang-(1-12)/Chymase Axis Require a Revision of Therapeutic Approaches in Human Heart DiseaseCurrent Hypertension Reports.  19. 2017
2017 A graph theoretic approach for computing 3D+time biventricular cardiac strain from tagged MRI dataMedical Image Analysis.  35:46-57. 2017
2017 Desmin loss and mitochondrial damage precede left ventricular systolic failure in volume overload heart failure 2017
2016 Catheter-directed treatment for acute pulmonary embolism: Systematic review and single-arm meta-analysesInternational Journal of Cardiology.  225:128-139. 2016
2016 Disruption of desmin-mitochondrial architecture in patients with regurgitant mitral valves and preserved ventricular functionJournal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.  152:1059-1070.e2. 2016
2016 Primacy of cardiac chymase over angiotensin converting enzyme as an angiotensin-(1-12) metabolizing enzymeBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.  478:559-564. 2016
2016 Increased fibroblast chymase production mediates procollagen autophagic digestion in volume overloadJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  92:1-9. 2016
2016 Endothelial Cell Bioenergetics and Mitochondrial DNA Damage Differ in Humans Having African or West Eurasian Maternal AncestryCirculation: Cardiovascular Genetics.  9:26-36. 2016
2016 Impaired mitochondrial network excitability in failing Guinea-pig cardiomyocytesCardioscience.  109:79-89. 2016
2016 TLR4 regulates Pulmonary vascular homeostasis and remodeling via redox signalingFrontiers in Bioscience-Landmark.  21:397-409. 2016
2015 Volume overload induces autophagic degradation of procollagen in cardiac fibroblastsJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  89:241-250. 2015
2015 Left ventricular twist and shear in patients with primary mitral regurgitationJournal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  42:400-406. 2015
2015 Early exposure to hyperoxia or hypoxia adversely impacts cardiopulmonary developmentAmerican Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology.  52:594-602. 2015
2015 Pulmonary artery enlargement is associated with right ventricular dysfunction and loss of blood volume in small pulmonary vessels in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCirculation: Cardiovascular Imaging.  8. 2015
2015 Effect of spironolactone on diastolic function in hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophyJournal of Human Hypertension.  29:241-246. 2015
2015 Cardiomyocyte mitochondrial oxidative stress and cytoskeletal breakdown in the heart with a primary volume overload 2015
2015 Hemoglobin-associated oxidative stress in the pericardial compartment of postoperative cardiac surgery patientsLaboratory Investigation.  95:132-141. 2015
2015 Decreased Bioenergetic Health Index in monocytes isolated from the pericardial fluid and blood of post-operative cardiac surgery patients 2015
2014 Left ventricular torsion shear angle volume analysis in patients with hypertension: A global approach for LV diastolic functionCritical Reviews in Computed Tomography.  16. 2014
2014 High-fat, low-carbohydrate diet promotes arrhythmic death and increases myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats 2014
2014 Chlorine gas exposure disrupts nitric oxide homeostasis in the pulmonary vasculatureToxicology.  321:96-102. 2014
2014 Chymase mediates injury and mitochondrial damage in cardiomyocytes during acute ischemia/reperfusion in the dogPLoS One.  9. 2014
2014 An evolving story of angiotensin-II-forming pathways in rodents and humansClinical Science.  126:461-469. 2014
2014 Activation of AKT by O-linked N-Acetylglucosamine induces vascular calcification in diabetes mellitusCirculation Research.  114:1094-1102. 2014
2014 3D+time left ventricular strain by unwrapping harmonic phase with graph cutsLecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence.  8674 LNCS:578-585. 2014
2014 Angiotensin-(1-12): A chymase-mediated cellular angiotensin II substrateCurrent Hypertension Reports.  16. 2014
2014 Increased sarcolipin expression and adrenergic drive in humans with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction and chronic isolated mitral regurgitationCirculation: Heart Failure.  7:194-202. 2014
2014 The multiple mechanistic faces of a pure volume overload: Implications for therapyAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences.  348:337-346. 2014
2014 Whole-genome profiling highlights the molecular complexity underlying eccentric cardiac hypertrophyTherapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease.  8:97-118. 2014
2013 Erratum: Mitochondrial genetic background modulates bioenergetics and susceptibility to acute cardiac volume overload (Biochemical Journal (2013) 455 (157-167))Biochemical Journal.  456:147. 2013
2013 Xanthine oxidase inhibition preserves left ventricular systolic but not diastolic function in cardiac volume overload 2013
2013 Mitochondrial genetic background modulates bioenergetics and susceptibility to acute cardiac volume overloadBiochemical Journal.  455:157-167. 2013
2013 Volume overload induces differential spatiotemporal regulation of myocardial soluble guanylyl cyclase in eccentric hypertrophy and heart failureJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  60:72-83. 2013
2013 Submassive pulmonary embolism where's the tipping point?Circulation.  127:2458-2464. 2013
2013 Changes in lipoproteins associated with methotrexate or combination therapy in early rheumatoid arthritis: Results from the treatment of early rheumatoid arthritis trialArthritis and Rheumatism.  65:1430-1438. 2013
2013 The never-ending story of angiotensin peptides: Beyond angiotensin i and IICirculation Research.  112:1086-1087. 2013
2013 Importance of three-dimensional geometric analysis in the assessment of the athlete's heartAmerican Journal of Cardiology.  111:1067-1072. 2013
2013 Chymase mediates angiotensin-(1-12) metabolism in normal human heartsJournal of the American Society of Hypertension.  7:128-136. 2013
2013 Response to letter regarding article, magnetic resonance imaging with 3-dimensional analysis of left ventricular remodeling in isolated mitral regurgitation: Implications beyond dimensionsCirculation.  127. 2013
2013 Cardiac O-GlcNAcylation blunts autophagic signaling in the diabetic heartLife Sciences.  92:648-656. 2013
2013 Quercetin prevents left ventricular hypertrophy in the Apo E knockout mouseRedox Biology.  1:381-386. 2013
2013 Utilization of fluorescent probes for the quantification and identification of subcellular proteomes and biological processes regulated by lipid peroxidation productsFree Radical Biology and Medicine.  59:56-68. 2013
2012 Integration of cellular bioenergetics with mitochondrial quality control and autophagy 2012
2012 A randomized controlled phase IIb trial of Beta 1-receptor blockade for chronic degenerative mitral regurgitationJournal of the American College of Cardiology.  60:833-838. 2012
2012 An argument for reviving the disappearing skill of cardiac auscultationCleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine.  79. 2012
2012 Beta1-adrenergic receptors promote focal adhesion signaling downregulation and myocyte apoptosis in acute volume overloadJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  53:240-249. 2012
2012 Long-term effects of aldosterone blockade in resistant hypertension associated with chronic kidney diseaseJournal of Human Hypertension.  26:502-506. 2012
2012 Cardiac Kallikrein-Kinin system is upregulated in chronic volume overload and mediates an inflammatory induced Collagen lossPLoS One.  7. 2012
2012 The human story of aortic stenosis: A time for new surrogate markers in clinical decision making 2012
2012 Magnetic resonance imaging with 3-dimensional analysis of left ventricular remodeling in isolated mitral regurgitation: Implications beyond dimensionsCirculation.  125:2334-2342. 2012
2012 Anatomy and Physiology of the Right VentricleCardiology Clinics.  30:167-187. 2012
2012 Renin-angiotensin inhibition in systolic heart failure and chronic kidney diseaseAmerican Journal of Medicine.  125:399-410. 2012
2012 Relation of torsion and myocardial strains to LV ejection fraction in hypertensionJACC: Cardiovascular Imaging.  5:273-281. 2012
2012 Left ventricular remodeling in preclinical experimental mitral regurgitation of dogsJournal of Veterinary Cardiology.  14:73-92. 2012
2012 Refractory hypertension: Definition, prevalence, and patient characteristicsJournal of the CardioMetabolic Syndrome.  14:7-12. 2012
2011 Novel insights into interactions between mitochondria and xanthine oxidase in acute cardiac volume overloadFree Radical Biology and Medicine.  51:1975-1984. 2011
2011 Three-dimensional plus time biventricular strain from tagged MR images by phase-unwrapped harmonic phaseJournal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  34:799-810. 2011
2011 Translational success stories: Angiotensin receptor 1 antagonists in heart failureCirculation Research.  109:437-452. 2011
2011 Oxidative stress and myocardial remodeling in chronic mitral regurgitationAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences.  342:114-119. 2011
2011 Dynamic molecular and histopathological changes in the extracellular matrix and inflammation in the transition to heart failure in isolated volume overload 2011
2011 Activation of the hexosamine biosynthesis pathway and protein O-GlcNAcylation modulate hypertrophic and cell signaling pathways in cardiomyocytes from diabetic miceAmino Acids.  40:819-828. 2011
2011 The forgotten left ventricle in right ventricular pressure overloadJournal of the American College of Cardiology.  57:929-930. 2011
2011 Loss of interstitial collagen causes structural and functional alterations of cardiomyocyte subsarcolemmal mitochondria in acute volume overloadJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  50:147-156. 2011
2010 Chymase inhibition prevents fibronectin and myofibrillar loss and improves cardiomyocyte function and LV torsion angle in dogs with isolated mitral regurgitationCirculation.  122:1488-1495. 2010
2010 Mast cell stabilization decreases cardiomyocyte and LV function in dogs with isolated mitral regurgitationJournal of Cardiac Failure.  16:769-776. 2010
2010 Association between hyperuricemia and incident heart failure among older adults: A propensity-matched studyInternational Journal of Cardiology.  142:279-287. 2010
2010 Tumor necrosis factor-α produced in cardiomyocytes mediates a predominant myocardial inflammatory response to stretch in early volume overloadJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  49:70-78. 2010
2010 Rapid reversal of left ventricular hypertrophy and intracardiac volume overload in patients with resistant hypertension and hyperaldosteronism: A prospective clinical studyHypertension.  55:1137-1142. 2010
2010 Mast cell chymase limits the cardiac efficacy of Ang I-converting enzyme inhibitor therapy in rodentsJournal of Clinical Investigation.  120:1229-1239. 2010
2010 Increased Oxidative Stress and Cardiomyocyte Myofibrillar Degeneration in Patients With Chronic Isolated Mitral Regurgitation and Ejection Fraction >60%Journal of the American College of Cardiology.  55:671-679. 2010
2010 Differential genomic responses in old vs. young humans despite similar levels of modest muscle damage after resistance loadingPhysiological Genomics.  40:141-149. 2010
2010 3D left ventricular strain from unwrapped harmonic phase measurementsJournal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  31:854-862. 2010
2010 Effects of right ventricular ejection fraction on outcomes in chronic systolic heart failureCirculation.  121:252-258. 2010
2010 How much alcohol should we infuse in the coronary artery of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients? 2010
2009 A dual propagation contours technique for semi-automated assessment of systolic and diastolic cardiac function by CMRCritical Reviews in Computed Tomography.  11. 2009
2009 Pleiotropic effects of neutrophils on myocyte apoptosis and left ventricular remodeling during early volume overloadJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology.  47:634-645. 2009
2009 Effects of dietary sodium reduction on blood pressure in subjects with resistant hypertension: Results from a randomized trialHypertension.  54:475-481. 2009
2009 Molecular cardiology microarray identifies extensive downregulation of noncollagen extracellular matrix and profibrotic growth factor genes in chronic isolated mitral regurgitation in the dogCirculation.  119:2086-2095. 2009
2009 Mitral RegurgitationCurrent Problems in Cardiology.  34:93-136. 2009
2009 Interaction of diet and diabetes on cardiovascular function in rats 2009
2009 Mitral valve prolapse with a late-systolic regurgitant murmur may be associated with significant hemodynamic consequencesAmerican Journal of the Medical Sciences.  338:113-115. 2009
2008 Dissociation between cardiomyocyte function and remodeling with β-adrenergic receptor blockade in isolated canine mitral regurgitation 2008
2008 Hemodynamic evaluation of coronary artery bypass graft lesions using fractional flow reserveCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.  72:479-485. 2008
2008 Marked regional left ventricular heterogeneity in hypertensive left ventricular hypertrophy patients: A losartan intervention for endpoint reduction in hypertension (LIFE) cardiovascular magnetic resonance and echocardiographic substudyHypertension.  52:279-286. 2008
2008 Feasibility of primary clot extraction prior to percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarctionCatheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.  71:870-876. 2008
2008 Three-dimensional balloon catheter sizing identifies significant underdeployed stents using conventional methods in renal artery interventions 2008
2008 Sympathetic activation causes focal adhesion signaling alteration in early compensated volume overload attributable to isolated mitral regurgitation in the dogCirculation Research.  102:1127-1136. 2008
2008 Incident Heart Failure Hospitalization and Subsequent Mortality in Chronic Heart Failure: A Propensity-Matched Study*Journal of Cardiac Failure.  14:211-218. 2008
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2007 Hospitalizations Due to Unstable Angina Pectoris in Diastolic and Systolic Heart FailureAmerican Journal of Cardiology.  99:460-464. 2007
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2001 Angiotensin II modulates catecholamine release into interstitial fluid of canine myocardium in vivo 2001
2001 Differential MAP kinase activation and Na+/H+ exchanger phosphorylation by H2O2 in rat cardiac myocytes 2001
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1997 Volume-overload cardiac hypertrophy is unaffected by ACE inhibitor treatment in dogs 1997
1996 Angiotensin II formation in dog heart is mediated by different pathways in vivo and in vitro 1996
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Year Title Altmetric
2021 Electrons and protons.  545-550. 2021
2013 Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species: Interactions with Mitochondria and Pathophysiology.  17-22. 2013
2013 Role of chymase in matrix and myocardial remodeling due to mitral regurgitation: Implications for therapy.  201-214. 2013

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