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2020 Latency of subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation-evoked cortical activity as a potential biomarker for postoperative motor side effects 2020
2020 Extracellular nucleic acid scavenging rescues rats from sulfur mustard analog-induced lung injury and mortalityArchives of Toxicology.  94:1321-1334. 2020
2017 The Effects of Dexmedetomidine on Microelectrode Recordings of the Subthalamic Nucleus during Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery: A Retrospective AnalysisStereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery.  95:40-48. 2017
2000 Phrenic motoneuron morphology during rapid diaphragm muscle growth 2000
1995 NMDA and non-NMDA receptors on rat supraoptic nucleus neurons activated monosynaptically by olfactory afferentsBrain Research.  680:207-216. 1995
1995 Growth-related alterations in motor endplates of type-identified diaphragm muscle fibresJournal of Neurocytology.  24:225-235. 1995
1994 Application of the Cavalieri principle in volume estimation using laser confocal microscopyNeuroImage.  1:325-333. 1994
1993 Measurements of motoneuron somal volumes using laser confocal microscopy: Comparisons with shape-based stereological estimationsNeuroImage.  1:95-107. 1993
1993 Rapid synaptic changes and bundling in the supraoptic dendritic zone of the perfused rat brainExperimental Neurology.  124:200-207. 1993
1992 Supraoptic nucleus afferents from the accessory olfactory bulb: Evidence from anterograde and retrograde tract tracing in the ratBrain Research Bulletin.  29:209-220. 1992
1990 Beta‚ÄźAdrenergic Stimulation Decreases Glial and Increases Neural Contact with the Basal Lamina in Rat Neurointermediate Lobes Incubated in vitroJournal of Neuroendocrinology.  2:693-699. 1990
1989 Neurosecretory endings in the rat neurohypophysis are en passantExperimental Neurology.  106:20-26. 1989
1989 Supraoptic nucleus afferents from the main olfactory bulb-I. Anatomical evidence from anterograde and retrograde tracers in ratNeuroscience.  31:277-287. 1989
1988 Synaptic inputs and electrical coupling among magnocellular neuroendocrine cellsBrain Research Bulletin.  20:751-755. 1988
1986 Immunoreactivity to vasopressin- but not oxytocin-associated neurophysin antiserum in phasic neurons of rat hypothalamic paraventricular nucleusBrain Research.  362:7-16. 1986
1985 Lactation-associated redistribution of the glial fibrillary acidic protein within the supraoptic nucleus - An immunocytochemical studyCell and Tissue Research.  242:9-15. 1985
1985 Dye-coupled magnocellular peptidergic neurons of the rat para ventricular nucleus show homotypic immunoreactivityNeuroscience.  16:885-895. 1985
1984 A reliable method for immunocytochemical identification of Lucifer Yellow injected, peptide-containing mammalian central neuronsJournal of Neuroscience Methods.  10:59-69. 1984
1984 An incubation chamber for the simultaneous, on-slide treatment of brain sections with different reagentsBrain Research Bulletin.  12:745-747. 1984
1983 Polyethylene glycol embedding: a technique compatible with immunocytochemistry, enzyme histochemistry, histofluorescence and intracellular stainingJournal of Neuroscience Methods.  7:27-41. 1983


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2021 Awake Craniotomy for Mapping and Surgery in the Eloquent Cortex 2021

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