Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2023 R.E.A.L. (Racialized Experiences in Academic Life) Talk: a Curated Conversation with Four Black FellowsJournal of Business and Psychology.  38:7-23. 2023
2020 Black lives matter…still: moving beyond acknowledging the problem toward effective solutions in graduate training and educationEquality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.  39:741-747. 2020
2019 Leading as “the Other”Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.  26:402-406. 2019
2018 Do Color Blindness and Multiculturalism Remedy or Foster Discrimination and Racism?Current Directions in Psychological Science.  27:200-206. 2018
2017 Guest editorialEquality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal.  36:698-706. 2017
2015 The role of diversity practices and inclusion in promoting trust and employee engagementJournal of Applied Social Psychology.  45:35-44. 2015
2014 Race and ethnicity in the workplace: Spotlighting the perspectives of historically stigmatized groupsCultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.  20:479-482. 2014
2012 A Similar, marginal place in the academy: Contextualizing the leadership strategies of black women in the United States and South AfricaAdvances in Developing Human Resources.  14:156-171. 2012
2010 An inclusive strategy of teaching diversityAdvances in Developing Human Resources.  12:295-311. 2010
2009 Is multiculturalism or color blindness better for minorities?: Short ReportPsychological Science.  20:444-446. 2009
2009 The hidden prejudice in selection: A research investigation on skin color biasJournal of Applied Social Psychology.  39:134-168. 2009
2008 From mammy to superwoman: Images that Hinder Black women's career developmentJournal of Career Development.  35:129-150. 2008
2008 Intentions to initiate mentoring relationships: Understanding the impact of race, proactivity, feelings of deprivation, and relationship rolesGenetic, social, and general psychology monographs.  148:727-744. 2008
2007 Assessing the multigroup ethnic identity measure for measurement equivalence across racial and ethnic groups 2007
2005 The Roles of Protégé Race, Gender, and Proactive Socialization Attempts on Peer MentoringAdvances in Developing Human Resources.  7:540-555. 2005
2002 Minority Employees in Majority Organizations: The Intersection of Individual and Organizational Racial Identity in the WorkplaceHuman Resource Development Review.  1:323-344. 2002
2002 Motivation to control prejudice as a mediator of identity and affirmative action attitudesJournal of Applied Social Psychology.  32:934-964. 2002
2001 Is all sexual harassment viewed the same? Mock juror decisions in same-and cross-gender casesJournal of Applied Psychology.  86:179-187. 2001
2000 Advertising and recruitment: Marketing to minoritiesPsychology and Marketing.  17:235-255. 2000
2000 An examination of happiness, racism, and demographics on judgments of guiltJournal of Applied Social Psychology.  30:816-832. 2000
1999 Career development strategies and experiences of "Outsiders Within" in academeJournal of Career Development.  26:51-67. 1999
1999 Organizational attractiveness and individual differences: Are diverse applicants attracted by different factors?Journal of Business and Psychology.  13:375-390. 1999
1999 The organizational Outsider WithinJournal of Career Development.  26:3-5. 1999
1998 Redefining race in the workplace: Insights from ethnic identity theoryJournal of Black Psychology.  24:76-92. 1998
1997 Managing Stress: Emotion and Power at WorkManagement Learning.  28:98-100. 1997
1996 Psychological privilege and ethnocentrism as barriers to cross-cultural adjustment and effective intercultural interactions 1996
1994 Role of Causal Attributions in Dynamic Self-Regulation and Goal ProcessesJournal of Applied Psychology.  79:812-818. 1994


Year Title Altmetric
2014 Foreword 2014
2014 Diversity Ideologies in Organizations 2014
2012 Diversity resistance in organizations 2012


Year Title Altmetric
2015 Group- based experiences of discrimination: Moving beyond cognitive theories.  25-40. 2015
2014 Diversity ideologies in organizations: An introduction.  1-17. 2014
2014 The intersection of organizational and individual diversity ideology on diverse employees’ perceptions of inclusion and organizational justice.  205-231. 2014
2013 I-O psychology education and the nonprofit context.  325-350. 2013
2012 Final reflections: Resisting the resistors.  303-314. 2012
2012 The many faces of diversity resistance in the workplace.  1-22. 2012
2008 Skin color bias in the workplace: The media's role and implications toward preference.  47-62. 2008
2004 Group-level explanations of workplace discrimination.  63-88. 2004

Education And Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University 1993
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bucknell University 1988
  • Full Name

  • Kecia Thomas