• Dr. Jared White completed his general surgery training and his abdominal transplant and hepatobiliary fellowship at the University of Alabama Birmingham in 2013. Dr. White was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery where he specializes in all aspects of evaluating, managing, and treating patients with end stage liver disease from a transplant surgery standpoint, including management of complications of cirrhosis, management of immunosuppression, and optimization of medical comorbidities. In addition to abdominal transplant surgery, Dr. White also performs complex hepatobiliary procedures in the treatment of malignant liver tumors including hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, and secondary metastatic tumors, in addition to benign lesions such as large adenomas, giant cysts, hemangiomas, and bile duct strictures/injuries. Dr. White’s unique expertise is in minimally invasive hepatic surgery including laparoscopic and robotic liver resections. Dr. White also performs standard open and minimally invasive general surgical procedures such as exploratory laparotomy/laparoscopy, ventral and inguinal hernia repair, cholecystectomy, soft tissue tumor excision, vascular access procedures, splenectomy, gastric de-vascularization, complex surgical shunts, and organ procurement techniques. Dr. White also serves as the medical co-director of the Alabama Organ Center, alongside Dr. Devin Eckhoff.

    Dr. White’s research interests primarily pertain to outcomes in liver transplantation as well as liver directed therapies in the management of hepatocellular carcinoma. Also, Dr. White has particular interests in education and is co-investigator on an HSF-GEF grant for “Kaizen-Gamification in Medical and Surgical Education”, in which he utilizes computer software to deliver daily, board-style questions to general surgery residents, which can be answered using smart-device platforms such as iPhones and iPad. Incorporating technology into resident education utilizes innovation in order to appeal to today’s millennial learners in a competitive and team-based approach.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

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    Year Title Altmetric
    2014 Surgical management of gastroesophageal varices.  205-232. 2014

    Education And Training

  • UAB Hospital, Internship
  • UAB Hospital, Residency
  • UAB Hospital, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Full Name

  • Jared White